Welcome Friends

Hi there,

My name is Laura. Welcome to my new blog. I used to have a blog, but unfortunately that’s not around anymore so I have to start from scratch.

What my blog is about? 

Well, I’m a Lifestyle Blogger so I don’t have a particular topic that I want to stick to but I can tell you what I am interested in. I love makeup and all things beauty, I love horses, I love being a mum and writing about it, I love running and adventures. So really, I’m going to be writing about everything in my life that I enjoy and I’m going to write a new post every day! You can expect allsorts from my blog, from makeup product reviews, tutorials, videos, parenting tips and memories, horses and how to care for them, running tips and my new fitness journey. I’ll also be writing about other lifestyle related things…So basically, allsorts!

To get a better idea of who I am, go check out my Instagram – MY INSTA and you may follow me on Twitter at – MY TWITTER

I hope you enjoy my posts. Check back later for my ‘About Me’ page where you can learn all about me!

Thank you for reading 🙂



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Hi friends, welcome to my blog. I'm just your not so average stay-at-home mum who likes to write in her spare time. I have 3 little cuties who are my entire world but I also have a life outside parenting which I like to write about too. I love photography, music, health & fitness, cruelty-free cosmetics and a hell of a lot more.

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