‘Not a Basic Peach’ by Wet n Wild Review

Last week I ordered some new eyeshadow palettes from Wet n Wild and one I liked in particular was the 10 pan, ‘Not a Basic Peach’ palette. I’ve been wanting to try some new colours out and switching it up from my usual browns and deep reds. Seeing as it’s Fall/ Autumn (We don’t get Winter in Florida), these are the perfect shades. We have deep oranges, golds, deep pinks a nice dark brown to put in the crease of your eyelid, peaches and even blue!

What I love the most about this palette is the shimmery hues are super pigmented and make your eyes pop and pretty much anything that pretty makes me super happy. I was excited to try it out.


The palette is only $4.99 from the Wet n Wild website which is super cheap but the quality is fantastic. I’m really loving this look and I’m going to order more of them before they go out of stock because I feel like I’m going to be using this palette a lot.

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I was quite reserved in this picture, I didn’t want to go over the top. Note: If you use the deep brown on your crease, make sure to use it minimally, because I had trouble getting the other colours to brighten the look up as I applied quite a bit. Next time I use it, I’m going to avoid the brown and go right for the oranges and golds, to acheive a nice Wintery / Holiday look.

Also note that the palette does not come with an application brush. To get the best look possible, you will want to use a good eyeshadow blending brush.

These colours blend very well and overall, I just love the look. I purchased a couple of other palettes at the same time so I’m going to review them sometime this week.


Included in the look I used: Photo Focus Liquid Foundation by Wet n Wild, Photo Focus Concealer by Wet n Wid, Photo Focus Pressed Powder by Wet n Wild and the Elf Liquid Eyeliner! For the lips I used the shade ‘Blame Game’ by Trust Fund Beauty which I got in my Ipsy bag a while ago is my favourite lip gloss, I love it. For the eyelashes I used a basic mascara by Elf with a skinny wand to really get the mascara applied well to the lower lashes.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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