My Top 5 Favourite Beauty Vloggers

If you want to improve your makeup skills or are just looking for some inspiration, YouTube is the place to go. Makeup tutorials help so much. It’s how I got into makeup. I clicked on one video trying to learn how to do a perfect winged eyeliner, loved what I saw and became really interested the whole world of beauty. It’s not only a place to learn how to do makeup but it’s also somewhere to go to learn about the different makeup companies and products out there and hear people’s opinions. You can really learn which products work and which do not, without having to waste money on them. I’m still learning and I’m obsessed with watching tutorials. Every YouTuber has their own qualities and styles and for me, it’s just as exciting as walking into a makeup store. I love watching them. I’ll lose sleep over makeup tutorials. Once I click on one, I have to watch another 10. Anyway, I thought I’d list my top 5 favourite Beauty Vloggers that you have to check out. Remember to subscribe to their channel if you like their videos, show them some support.

1- NikkieTutorials

YouTube – @NikkieTutorials

Nikkie’s channel was the first I ever went to. I searched “Makeup tutorials” in YouTube and hers was the first one to pop up. The first video I watched was ‘The Power of Makeup’ which I enjoyed because of her fantastic personality. From there I just continued to watch her other videos and I ended up spending all night watching her channel. She is so outgoing and her makeup skills are beyond amazing. They are perfect. I don’t know how she does it. She’s just a queen when it comes to all things beauty. If you look back to her old videos, where she’s a little, shy teenage girl, doing very basic looks and see how she’s grown into this makeup genuis who has her own product line with Too Faced which is a HUGE cosmetics company, you’d be pretty impressed and understand why she is in such high demand, traveling the world and one of YouTubes most popular vlogger. I love it. She’s had a passion since she was a kid and has stuck with it. What I love about her videos is she explains how she’s doing everything but she keeps it real and admits when she screwed something up. I love her positive attitude and how she has nothing but good things to say about other women and I love how well she sells the product (No wonder she’s doing so well) and I like that she slows down and explains what each product is and what it does, including the brushes. Some girls rush their descriptions which sucks. Overall she’s just a makeup guru who’s great on camera and I love her channel, I love her and I love her skills.


2- Monami Frost

YouTube – @MonamiFrost

Monami Frost shares her whole life on her channel and from what I see, she’s a pretty decent and real person. I like Monami because she uses cruelty-free and vegan products only. I also like her because she has her own sense of style and kinda sets her own rules and trends when it comes to makeup. Some of the looks she creates are completely different and interesting and unique to her style. I also like that she refuses to apologise for who she is. I saw her mean tweets video or mean comments video and loved that she could laugh off negative comments by hateful bitches online. I love her smile, I love her personality. She’s so friendly and upbeat and always smiling, you can’t help but like her. She’s always going off telling her own little life stories while she’s doing the makeup too, which I think is cute. I think she’s amazing at doing makeup!!! She makes it look so effortless and she always has a completelty flawless look going on on. Get on her channel and watch some of her videos. I know I’m about to.



3- Tori Sterling

YouTube – @ToriSterling 

I’ve only just recently heard of Tori Sterling. College kid, fitness instructor and sucessful YouTuber. Who knows what else she does, I don’t stalk her life.  The first video I saw of her was a recent Fall makeup tutorial..She doesn’t do many tutorials with makeup because I think she’s into health and fitness more. A lot of her videos are kinda like lifestyle videos but I watched her makeup tutorials and I loved them. She acts like such a tomboy and kinda has that attitude yet she’s a girly girl once all the makeup is on. Her makeup skills are on point for sure. If you watch how well she sets her foundation and how on point her eye makeup is, you’ll definitely be impressed. She does speak a little fast and doesn’t present each product like other girls do but it does not matter to me. I’m not even taking note in what she’s using in the videos, I’m just wondering how she gets her makeup SO perfect. Love it. Her videos are funny too, she’s got a good sense of humour and adds her own little quirks in there.



4 – Chloe Boucher

YouTube – @ChloeBoucher

Chloe has to be one of the most stunning girls I’ve ever seen. She kinda reminds me of an Irish, Charlize Theron. She’s gorgeous and her makeup skills are perfect. I also love that she includes hair styling in to her videos too. Her hair is just to die for. Her videos are great because she takes her time with them for beginners and she also takes the time to talk about each product in detail, where she got it from, how much. She also caters to both her UK and US viewers. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a makeup pro or new to it. The way she does her tutorials, she makes it easy for people to learn. She seems very humble and I am obsessed with her eyemakeup, she knows exactly how to make her eyes pop! So go watch her videos NOWWWW!


5 – Amanda Lousie

YouTube – @AmandaLouise 

This girl has such a cute personality. Again, another college kid doing makeup tutorials in her spare time as well as lifestye and fashion. I could barely apply eyeliner when I was her age yet alone achieve the looks she does. She is so talented and I love that when she has blonde moments, she just plays that into the video and can laugh at herself. She’s so cute and I love her little Southern American accent. If you’re new to makeup and you want to start off somewhere, I’d recommend jumping on her channel. Love her. Right now she’s doing a NYX Lippie Countdown for the month of December, so head over to her channel to get with that. Don’t forget to subscribe and show her some support.



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