My New Years Resolutions – Parent Style

When it comes to parenting, we could all do things to improve. For me, it’s been a challenging year and I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in my personal life and although I feel like I’ve done my best to be a good parent to my kids, I definitely see some areas that I could improve on. At the end of the day, my kids are everything to me and they deserve the best. So here are my new years resolutions as a parent.

1- Put the phone down

We get caught up in every day life and problems that sometimes we don’t give our children the best attention we can. I know my kids would benefit hugely from me putting my phone down and giving them more attention. Sometimes as a child when my parents were busy and I wanted to speak to them, I felt like I was being ignored. I don’t want my kids to feel ignored. I know it happens, but I’m going to focus on their needs and not worry so much about everything else that’s going on.


2- Save for the future

As a single mum who’s kinda struggling from time to time, it’s hard to find the money to put into a savings account. Living in America especially where college isn’t free, health care isn’t free and just the cost of living is overall more expensive, it’s wise to start saving up well, before they were even born. But sadly I haven’t. This year, all my spare money will go into a savings account for them so that they aren’t struggling when they are older.


3 – Become more involved

I help my daughter with her school work and when my son goes to school, he will get the same but I want to become more involved in their school life. For example: Helping out at school functions, attending school trips, becoming more involved in everything they do at school. I’m sure it will make them feel more special and they’ll get to see me more. We should be more involved in everything our kids do.


4 – Be happier in myself

Kids thrive when you’re thriving. This year hasn’t been the best, in fact it’s been challenging and definitely the worst year I’ve had in a while, without being too negative. I don’t feel like I’m thriving yet, but if I start to make myself feel better and become happier in what I do, I can make my children happier.


5 – Go out more

I take my kids out when I can but having three of them is hectic so sometimes I avoid taking them out. Kids love doing things, they love having something to look forward to and I would love to take them out to places like Fun Spot or Disney where they can just be kids. They deserve it. I have great kids and they need to be rewarded for it. No more avoiding going out, let’s have some fun!


6 – Be more patient

Especially lately, I’ve cracked down on how long they can be on their tablets and I’ve also been cracking down on the time it takes for them to do something when I ask them. Although I think it’s good to be strict with certain things, I’ve lost my patience a few times with them lately. Huffing at them and being negative. I’m not mean to them but I definitely need to learn to just relax a little and give them some patience. Overall it will make them happier and not feel like they are stressing me out all the time. I mean we all do it right? Kids drive us INSANE on a daily basis but they can’t help it, they are kids.


So those are my resoultions for 2018. I’m sure I could add more and if I think of anything else, I’ll add it to this blog.

Happy New Year to everyone out there 🙂



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Hi, I'm Laura and welcome to my blog. I'm a thirty-year-old stay-at-home mum of 3, Photography student and horse owner. Here is my life. I like to write about my children, Photography, life lessons, advice, fitness and lots more! Enjoy!

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