Limited Collection Makeup Kit by Marks and Spencer

For Christmas, my lovely mum bought me a makeup kit from M&S. She bought it for me when she was visiting England the month before and I’ve only just tried it today so I thought I’d do a little review on it.

I was excited to try it because I have been using the same makeup brands for years and I’m ready to start branching out but I am not at that point yet where I want to shell out on beauty products. I definitely like a bargain. My mum bought this kit for me because the products are not tested on animals, which I’m all about and she knows that (love you mum).

When I first opened it, I thought the packaging was nice and simple. Maybe a little boring, especially if it really is a “Limited Collection” kit and especially for Christmas, you’d think they’d make the packaging a little cuter but that’s okay. The eyeshadows are in a nice round pallete form which I liked, and then on the bottom tray we have lip glosses, a nail file, nail polish and some eyeliner.

Today I tried out the eyeshadows to see if they are worth it. I felt daring today so I went for a darker look. I used two shades of white/ cream, a deep purple and a shimery black (the colours don’t have names unfortunately).

I found that the whites weren’t pigmented at all and I had to dig my eyeshadow brush right in there, to get enough eyeshadow on my eyelid, but eventually I got the boldness I was looking for. I loved the deep purple and the black. The good thing about low pigmented dark colours is that if you’re trying to get that smokey eye look, it’s hard to mess it up because not too much black goes onto your eyelid, therefore I could build it up until I was happy. I see a lot of people nervous to do a smokey eye look in fear that they will make a black mess on their face, so if you’re new to makeup, I wouldn’t start off with super pigmented, high quality eyeshadows.

The lip glosses aren’t very pigmented either but that’s okay because it’s just lip gloss and as long as my lips are shiny, I’m good to go. I don’t really care for deeper lip colours so I chose to try the lighter colours. I wouldn’t say they are the best lip glosses I’ve ever used, but I liked them enough to use them again. If you’re a makeup enthusiast like I am, you’ll know some of the cheaper brands of lip gloss have a horrible scent to them, but these don’t. There is no scent.

The nail polishes, again, aren’t super pigmented but I’ve actually had a pink colour on my toes for about a week and it’s only just chipping now, so I’m super happy with that! I tried a very light pink. One coat definitely didn’t do it but two coats were enough. I’m probably going to try another colour tonight on my finger nails and see how long it lasts. I have horses and kids so I struggle to find nail polishes that last a long time.

I wish I knew how much this kit cost. I cannot find it online now which probably means it was actually limited edition, just for Christmas. I’ve looked online at some of their other makeup products and they are all affordable, so I’m assuming this didn’t cost too much. Overall, I like the quality. It isn’t the best but when I look for makeup, I look for cruelty-free and afforadable.

If you received or bought this Limited Collection makeup kit by Marks & Spencer, or if you’ve purchased any of their makeup before, let me know what you think about the quality of the product, in the comments below.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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