Why My 2018 Hasn’t Got Off to the Best Start

Hello my lovelies! Okay, so we are almost at the end of January! Has this month been dragging or is it just me? This post is not to be negative, it’s to recap on the month and see if I’ve kept up with my goals and resolutions. Well, I can tell you right now that I haven’t. Let’s go over why my year hasn’t got off to the best start.


Let’s just get this one out the way! I told myself and everyone who reads my blog, that I would get in the best shape ever!!! January is supposed to be the month where most people start their new journey to fitness. Have I put the effort in? Absolutely NOT! I haven’t been working out (at least) 3 times a week like I promised I would! In fact, I’ve probably only worked out 3 times in the whole month. Not only that, but I’m loading up on carbs and drinking too many sugary drinks. It’s a disaster! I weighed myself yesterday and although I haven’t put any weight on, I know it’s because my muscle is turning into fat. I feel tired all the time, I feel bloated and sluggish and my skin isn’t looking so healthy either. So, starting February 1st, I’m not going to be a lazy bum. I’m actually going to do as I said I would and kick my butt into shape. The picture below is a perfect representation of how I look and feel about lately (tired).

This is me almost every day



I’m rather disappointed in myself for this one. I haven’t kept to my blogging schedule. Not only am I not keeping up with my schedule, but I’m not planning ahead. And it’s stupid because I used to, but this month I haven’t. And well, it leaves me sat in front of the computer, wasting time wondering what to write about. Blogging is something I love. It’s also something I’m passionate about and want to keep doing, so why aren’t I making the effort I promised? The kids have been tiring this month and I think also because I’m not in the best health, I’m feeling sluggish and tired and lazy! So along with a nice new fitness journey will come a blogging schedule and not only will I keep to the schedule, I’m going to plan ahead!!! I have a nice new organizer that I can take full advantage on so let’s see it Laura!


No Riding

One of my other New Years resolutions was to ride my horse more often. Unfortunately, I am unable to. In December, she got a foot injury due to a nail. Although that has now healed, since the injury she’s had an abscess in the same foot and now she has a severely bruised heel in the same foot and is in quite a bit of pain. Looks like I won’t be riding her for a few more weeks (at least)! Don’t worry, I’m taking great care of her, it is what it is!


Other goals I haven’t met yet:

  • Giving to the homeless
  • Write out personal goals
  • Clean my car out
  • Donate old clothes
  • Stop swearing

Okay so those are three reasons why my year hasn’t got off to the best start. But it’s also motivation to carry these goals into the next month or hurry up and meet them before the end of the month! What I am happy about is I finally realised what I want to do in life and I’ve made the steps to make them happen. I’ve started the enrollment process for a college course I want to do, in order to help me get into the career field I want to work in! I’m super excited about that. I’m finally motivated!!!Another goal I had for myself was to focus on myself and be more positive. Although I haven’t found time for myself yet, I’m feeling a lot more positive than I did in 2017. If you’d have known me back then you’d have noticed I was negative about everything. I really was. But now I’m not. Now I’m feeling motivated and HAPPY! I’m happy all the time, even during a stressful moment. Something I haven’t felt for a while. So it isn’t all bad. January was just a starter month. A test month. But now it’s time to kick 2018 in properly!

Has anybody else had a slow start to the year? I’d be interested to hear what goals you lovely readers have set for yourself and if you have or haven’t met them yet!

Thank you for reading!


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Hi, I'm Laura and welcome to my blog. I'm a thirty-year-old stay-at-home mum of 3, Photography student and horse owner. Here is my life. I like to write about my children, Photography, life lessons, advice, fitness and lots more! Enjoy!

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