Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

Hello my loves, Valentine’s Day is coming up so I thought I would try to create a makeup look to suit the theme. Any excuse to mess with makeup right? I have seen some really nice soft looks out there, so I thought I’d go for the less subtle approach and go all out. I didn’t have any red eyeshadow, so I had to improvise. If you want to find out how I got the look, keep reading.


Products I used for the eyes and lips:

  1. Photofocus eyeshadow primer by Wet n Wild 
  2. Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad in ‘Petalette’ by Wet n Wild 
  3. Liquid Velvet in ‘Diva’ by Ciate London
  4. Bikini eyeshadow by DLS
  5. Glitter eyeshadow by Wet n Wild
  6. Fierce Flicks eyeliner pen by Ciate London
  7. Basic mascara by Elf
  8. Butter Lipstick in ‘Lifeguard’ by NYX


Step 1

First of all I primed my face with facial cream and then primed my eyelids with the Photofocus eyeshadow primer by Wet n Wild.

Step 2

Using a nice shimery cream/ white eyeshadow shade, I hightlighted under my brows.

Step 3

Next, I took my Liquid Velvet lipstick by Ciate London and popped some on the outer corners of my eye lids, then I took a blending brush and started to blend that red out, so it didn’t look messy. Lipstick is thicker, therefore takes a little bit more time and effort to blend out onto your eyelids. This lip colour blended out quite nicely on my eyelid though, not so sticky. The areas I blended it too were the eyelid itself from the outer corners, to the middle of the crease and just slightly above.


Step 4

Once I was happy with my blending job, I took another eyeshadow blending brush and took a nice shade of purple (not too dark) and blended it just above the red and down into the red. These are all the colours I used because I wanted to keep the red as the main focus.

Step 5

I then took the shimery eyeshadow from DLS is the shade ‘Bikini’ and applied this to the inner corner of my eyelids, and finishing in the middle of the eyelid.

Step 6

I then took a tiny amount of my lipstick from Ciate London and applied it to my bottom waterline and with a smokey eyeshadow brush I gently blended it across the waterline, from the outer corner, almost to the inner corner. Remember, you don’t want to go too dark underneath your eye, so be minimal with the colour when you’re applying it.

Step 7

Using the Fierce Flicks eyeliner pen by Ciate London, I drew my eyeliner on. I’m not going to lie, I’m not a huge fan of this eyeliner pen but I’ve ran out of liquid eyeliner and recently gone off creme eyeliner. Think I need to go shopping. The tip on the pen goes blunt way too quickly for my liking, making it hard to achieve that “fierce flick”.

Step 8

Using my smokey eyeshadow brush by Wet n Wild, I applied small amounts of glitter eyeshadow also by Wet n Wild to my eyelid, just to add something extra to the look.

Step 9

I applied the usual to the rest of my face. Foundation, concealer, HD powder, highlight and of course, mascara.

Step 10

My final step was applying the Butter Lipstick by NYX – Okay so I have always been clumsy with lipstick. I ALWAYS smudge it and have to start again but today I got lucky and did it right. This lipstick is great. I love the colour and I love the quality of the product overall. I have had this on all afternoon now, I’ve had drinks (non-alcoholic), eaten, I’ve kissed the baby, I’ve got a cold so I’m sneezing like a gross person and I haven’t had to reapply the product because my lips are still bright red and it hasn’t smudged! I’m quite impressed. You can find this lipstick at Ulta, Walmart, Target and of course, at the NYX website.

So that was my not so subtle, Valentine’s Day makeup look. I hope you liked 🙂 Have a lovely Valentine’s Day. I’m going to be spending it with my babies. Can’t wait!



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