Valentine’s Day Gifts off my Babies – More e.l.f Products

Hello, hello! Today I thought I’d try out my new e.l.f makeup goodies that my babies got me for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if you’ve noticed on my Instagram or just throughout my blog, but I’m a  quite fan of this brand. e.l.f is a cruelty-free, drugstore brand, that offers great quality makeup products for a more than reasonable price.

Here is what I received:

  • Mineral Infused Mascara
  • Mineral Pearls
  • Day to Night Lipstick Duo in “Need It Nudes”

Mineral Infused Mascara


I have to admit, I’m not all that picky when it comes to mascara. To me, it all does the same job and as long as I don’t end up with clumpy lashes, I’m happy. This mascara left no clumps at all and had a very light feel to it. I’m a fan.

You can purchase the mascara over at the e.l.f website for $3

Mineral Pearls in the colour “Natural”


I’ve never used mineral pearls before. They seemed like high maintenance to me but when I received them, I was happy because anything that sparkles, like highlighter, I’m a fan of. Using a Kabuki brush, I gently highlighted my cheek bones and tip of my nose, then quickly went over the rest of my face to warm it up because I had used the wrong shade of foundation today. They warmed my face up without putting a full highlighter effect on my face, which I liked. Sometimes you’ve gotta just tone it down ya know?

You can purchase the mineral pearls here for $8

Day to Night Lipstick Duo in “Need It Nudes”


This is my new favourite lipstick!!!!  I am definitely a fan. I’ve been wearing some bold lip colours lately but really, I prefer to tone it down a little. I love nude colours but nothing too light, that makes me look even more pale than I already am. These shades are perfect.

The day shade is very soft and pretty. The night colour is bold and sexy, yet not too in your face. I loved that it has a satin finish to it but doesn’t leave your lips looking or feeling dry. I got long lasting wear out of it and it didn’t smudge when I had a drink. Definitely a great quality lipstick. To be honest, I love e.l.f lipsticks. They are my favourite!

The actual lipstick itself is smaller than standard sized lipsticks, which makes it easier to apply without smudging. Then it made me ask the question, well why aren’t other lipsticks smaller in size? That would be easier for people like me who aren’t rarely ever gets it right the first time without a smudge. Love this!

You can purchase this beauty here for $5





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6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gifts off my Babies – More e.l.f Products

  1. Waiiit, can you please explain mineral pearls to me? I have seen these in passing but have no clue how they work. Do you just pass a fluffy brush over the top and use as a highlighter? How is this different/better than a pressed powder?

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    1. Hiiii yes they are basically pearls, you pass a brush over and apply to your face. I’m not sure if the intended use was JUST highlighter but they are the same tones and shimmers as highlighters. Personally, I prefer pressed powder. I found the pearls bounced out of the container too much when I passed the brush over them but they are cute!

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      1. Alright, thanks for the info! Yes, I really think I would prefer a pressed powder, I just don’t see how pearls would be better? They seem tough to use but I agree, so cute!!

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