Chasing My Dream of Becoming a Professional Photographer


I’ve wanted to pursue Photography for quite some time now. I’ve always had an eye for it and enjoyed being being the camera. People would make fun of me, or be annoyed at me because I always stop to take pictures when I’m supposed to be doing something else. I’ve never had the money to buy myself a proper camera, but that want and need to become a Photographer never went away.

Photography isn’t just something I want to do because it’s “Cool”, it’s something I have a genuine interest in and feel like I’m meant to be doing. The area that I am particularly interested in, is Gig Photography or “Concert Photography”.Β  Why? Because I love trying to capture the energy in a picture and there is no energy, like a band playing their music to a crowd. It’s uplifting. It’s energizing. It’s what I love, music.

Over the years, I have been to watch many bands. Hundreds in fact. It’s kinda my thing, which many of you might not know, because I haven’t yet brought that part of my life to blogging, but I will. Ohhhhhh I will. As time went on, I found myself being more excited over catching the best shots, than actually singing along with the songs. I’m always fighting my way to the front of a crowd, just so I could capture those amazing moments, the perfect action shot with the best stage lighting. When the gig is over, I’ve always been excited to get home and start editing the pictures. Please note, that the gig pictures I’m uploading to my blog, are not the best quality. I need to pull the rest off my hard-drive from my old, broken laptop (thanks kids).

I remember, I uploaded some gig pictures a little over a year ago on to Facebook and people started to comment on how good they were and how I should pursue Photography. That day, my dad rang me and said to me “This is what you need to do” and ever since, he has kept trying to push me to go for it. Sadly, I’m not an overly confident person and I give myself reasons why I can’t do something. My reason for this was, that the Photography field, especially Gig Photography, is a competitive one. GigΒ Photographers do not have the opportunity to stand at the front taking pictures of the band for the entire set, they have a very small window of opportunity to capture those few amazing shots and if there are a number of other Photographers, lined up, waiting to jump in front of the stage when the band comes on, it can get a little chaotic. I’ve seen it myself. The last gig I was at, I just stood at the front and watched the Photographers whenever they got their moment to fight for their shots. A little intimidating for me at first, but is that really an excuse not to do something you love? No.

Last week I got a camera, thanks to my Grandma who wanted to help me pursue my dream. It’s an entry-level DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) – A Nikon D3400 and today I enrolled for a Photography course. I will be studying Professional Photography over the next year or so, which will prepare me for when the time comes when I’m ready to go out there on my own. The course not only teaches me the ins and outs of Photography but I will also learn about the business side of things.

I’m going for it. I’m more motivated than ever. A little intimidated, but motivated. This is what I want to do. It’s something that is me. Something that allows me to show my creative side and to put my own twist on things. A lot of people have taken the self-taught route, and have found themselves successful but I personally feel like I could benefit from an education, as well as learning on my own. Bloody hell, it’s going to be fun juggling three kids and a college course but hey, I’m not giving up.

Although Gig Photography is something I’m extremely interested in, that’s not all I’ll do. I’m excited to explore other areas of Photography too! I’ve really been enjoying doing portraits lately and landscape.


I cannot wait to see what the future holds. I haven’t felt this excited about doing something in a long time. I’m going to take my time with it, so I am sure that I am nothing but happy with my work. I’m excited to get out there and push myself, to meet new people who can teach me what my course can’t, to gain the experience and to share my work with the world.

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚



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Hi, I'm Laura and welcome to my blog. I'm a thirty-year-old stay-at-home mum of 3, Photography student and horse owner. Here is my life. I like to write about my children, Photography, life lessons, advice, fitness and lots more! Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Chasing My Dream of Becoming a Professional Photographer

  1. Gig photography is good fun! I had a go at it last August when we went to an outdoor concert with Swedish country singer Jill Johnsson. I had no experience in photographing at concerts so I ddin’t have any expectations really, but I’m very happy with my photos!
    Good luck with making your dream come true!

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