My Recent Lifestyle and Fitness Changes

One of my new years resolutions was to get in the best shape I’ve ever been in and although I’ve got off to a slow as HECK this year, my fitness journey has finally kick started. In my post My Experience with the Contraceptive Implant I explain that I have put on some weight, rapidly. It’s left me feeling a bit discouraged and quite annoyed at myself, but I’m willing and ready to put the work in towards becoming a better version of myself. I’m currently 8 days into a 21 day habit change. Hopefully by the end, I won’t be craving all that is bad for me. As well as looking to lose weight, I’m also looking to improve my overall health, including my mental health. Here they are.

Bye bye coffee


Oh my god, what? Completely cutting coffee? I know, I’m crazy right? Listen, let me tell you. I was a coffee addict and I have been for most of my adult life. Every day I wake up, drink a cup, sneak off to the shop and have an energy drink (so bad) and then go home after I’ve done what I’ve needed to do for the day and chug more coffee. It’s just SO good! I can drink it before bed and go straight to sleep.  A lot of us a like that, right? I found myself becoming too restless, having mood swings and having absolutely pointless anxiety attacks over the smallest of things. My inability to cope with things was getting to me, so after evaluating the problem, the decision to cut coffee was made. I was one of those who thought they couldn’t function without it. To a point, that’s true because caffeine is a drug and our bodies get so used to this stimulant so when you go cold turkey, they start freaking out and can’t cope. I had headaches (I still am), backaches, FLU SYMPTOMS, irritability, fatigue, nausea and stomach issues but I’ve powered through the first week and I’m getting there. I love coffee but if my body will do all those things due to caffeine withdrawals then I definitely say hell naw to that.


Up the workouts


I’m not a fitness junkie but I do love exercising. I’ve been pretty sedentary over the past couple of months. I’ve blamed being busy but really, how long can you keep using that as ex excuse? Even if I don’t have much time, I try to incorporate a workout into doing the housework. I’ve been taking the kids with me or exercised at the playground while they play. I’ve asked my mum to babysit while I go for a run, I’ve waited until nap time and then jumped on my exercise machine or done some quick 20 minute HIIT workouts. Now I’m not giving myself excuses to why I can’t do something, I feel a lot better about myself and I know that if I keep this up, I’ll get to where I want to be.


Up the protein


I’m not a nutritionist. In fact, when it comes down to it, I only know the basics. I prefer and am also more knowledgeable with the fitness side of things. One thing I’ve always kinda known but not payed too much attention to, is protein. Or in my case, the lack of. I lead a non-meat, non-dairy lifestyle. It’s purely plant based and although it’s healthy, as you will probably know, I’ll not be eating as much protein. I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to consume more, especially after a workout.


Eliminate the soy


I’ve read that soy can cause anxiety and depression and a bunch of other lame things, including fucking your hormones up and turning you into a chub, like I am right now. That makes me sad because being vegan, soy is in pretty much everything I eat. I didn’t realise that it can make you fat too if you eat too much. With 2 out of 3 meals per day where I’m eating soy based products, this is probably another factor into why I’m gaining weight so fast and I probably shouldn’t pile all the blame on the implant. I’m not going to completely cut it out but I’m going to try to eliminate it as much as possible. I’m trying to eat fresher foods, and of course, less processed foods too.


Lemon water


I was told not to drink too much lemon water because it will murder the enamel on my teeth, but let’s face it, I’ve drank coffee and Monsters every day for the past 10 years or so. I think I’ll be okay with a little lemon water, I just won’t abuse it. There are a few benefits to drinking lemon water as I’m sure most of you know, but I’m drinking it purely to lose weight, keep my teeth clean and also curb the cravings for sugary drinks. The last time I went on a lemon water kick, I slimmed out and I did notice my teeth were whiter. So let’s get on it.


Get more sleep


One of the benefits listed for getting more sleep is ‘better sex’. Well, I don’t have to worry about that because this girl is single haha. Now with the baby sleeping through the night (FINALLY), I can get more sleep. I am hoping that by doing so, it’ll help my moods, make me think more clearly and dun dun dunnnnn, help with weight loss! I know I don’t get enough sleep. They say you should get around 8 hours each night? Well, I definitely don’t. I could though. It’s just a case of not sitting up watching useless reality TV shows (that I love) for hours after the kids have gone to bed and also getting the heck off social media. A few months back, I was going to sleep about 9pm every night, so I’m going to aim to do that again.

Alright lovelies, thank you for reading.














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