Quick Q&A with My Daughter, Izzy

I thought it would be a nice idea to include Izzy (my 7 year old) in a blog. She often sits and watches me while I blog, then pretends to write her own *cuteeee*. I’m going to do a quick Q&A with her in the hopes it will cheer her up a little. She’s got Tonsillitis and is suffering pretty badly today. Poor baby. Anyway, here is a quick Q&A with Izzy.

Full name:  Isabelle Grace Morales

Favourite colour: every color except grey

Favourite animal: bunny, horse, turtle, fish

Favourite holiday: christmas

Favourite food: tacos, with cheese, meat, sour cream & lettuce

Favourite Disney princess: Belle

Hobbies:  piano, recorder, dancing, reading, singing

Favourite school subject: math, science

What’s your favorite book?: Harry Potter

What’s your idea of a perfect day? laying in bed for the day.


Post a picture of yourself:



This or That


Tacos or Pasta?  tacos


My Little Pony or Pokemon?  My Little Pony


Sneakers or High heels?  high heels


Morning or Night? morning


A day at the beach or a day at Disney? Disney


Would you rather drink chocolate milk or hot chocolate?  hot chocolate


Would you rather be alone or with friends?  with friends


Would you rather take a train ride or airplane ride?  airplane


What makes you the happiest in this world?  my family

I love you mommy you are my love to the outer space and then back to earth many times and the love would go all to you. Anyways anytime you are around you make me happy you’re the best mommy in the world and you are going to stay like that forever and ever and ever.


Vanessa Jackson (5)





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