My Weekly Picture Roundup – Birthday Week Edition

It’s time for my weekly picture roundup. I’ve been doing it every Sunday but yesterday was my Birthday so I took the day off from everything. I honestly didn’t take that many pictures this week, and most of the ones I took were on my Birthday, but here they are anyway. I hope everyone has a great week.

Sad IzzyΒ 


Izzy came home from school with a sore throat and a slight temperature, the other day. The day after, she was in lots of pain and couldn’t eat, drink or talk. After a visit to the doctors, she was prescribed antibiotics; as she has Tonsillitis. Luckily after only 24 hours, she was feeling more like herself again and making up for not being able to speak. Love her.


New Hair


I’ve been considering getting my hair cut short again for a while now. I’m just not one to enjoy having long hair. I throw it up in a bun every day. I have thin hair so when it’s long, there’s just no volume. I hate it. Having it cut short has made me feel a lot better. I love it.


Big Red


The horse on the left is Red. He’s a Thoroughbred. I love Thoroughbreds. His owner was super kind and offered to let me ride him, seeing as I can’t ride my horse right now. My mum is great and offered to babysit for me, so I can have some horse time. I’m going riding on Wednesday and I’m EXCITED!!!


Miss Trouble


That face. I just love her. This baby never leaves my side.


Heart Strings


I love the makeup that I got for my birthday, but the best thing is the card that Isabelle wrote to me. It made me cry. She’s so full of love. Quite often, she writes lovely notes down and passes them to me. I’m lucky! The best feeling in the world is when your kid tells you how much they love you.


Still Wrapping


Haha, Abbey in the background. Honestly, most of the pictures on my phone are of the horse. I doubt I’ll ever go one of these weekly roundups without showing a picture of her. Anyway, I’m still soaking and wrapping her foot every 2 days. That’s not my best wrap oh well haha.


My Boy


A little blurry but this is us last night at the Olive Garden. Had to take a picture with him.


Happy Babies


Aghhhh, I just love them. They are such a happy bunch. I’m so proud of them. This was taken last night after we finished eating.



Thank You, Mum

30180694_247622695808161_918995016_n (1)

I thought it was really sweet of my mum to go out of her way to get me a Vegan chocolate cake. They don’t sell them in regular shops and the shop that does sell them, isn’t exactly close to our house. So thank you, Mum. This thing is delicious!


Alrighty, those are my favourite from this week. I don’t have much more than what I’ve posted today. Thank you for reading πŸ™‚


Vanessa Jackson (5)



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