My Weekly Picture Roundup – 04/15/18

Hello lovelies, it’s time for another weekly picture roundup. I honestly didn’t take many pictures this week. It’s been a busy week. I’m glad it’s finally over and I can have somewhat of a chill out session tomorrow. I’ve decided to take the day off from anything I need to do, and have a little nap when the baby naps. Let’s see if that actually happens haha. I hope everyone has had a good week πŸ™‚ Here are my pictures…

Beautiful Lady


I took this yesterday and I really like it. I’ve had this horse for 16 years in August and every time I look at her, I feel proud and happy. She’s been such a big part of my life and I feel lucky to have had her for so long.

Does This Look Infected?Β 


In my postΒ 5 Things I’d Like to Do For Myself This YearΒ I mentioned really wanting to go to Sum 41’s 15th year anniversary tour for Does This Look Infected? This was my Birthday present to myself. I’m super excited. I haven’t been to a gig in an entire year. Single mum life lol. I’m so happy that I get to go to this though.

Smart is the New CoolΒ 


This was a couple of days ago when I took the kids to the playground. I love this picture because of how calm JJ looks in it. He was enjoying himself but having a moment πŸ™‚

New Friend, Red


I’ve mentioned possibly riding this horse before but on Wednesday, I finally got to. Red is a Thoroughbred and as I like to mention all the time, Thoroughbreds are my favourite, so I was really excited to get out on him. He was really well behaved and very laid back under saddle for a TB. It felt great to get out on a horse again. I had such a good time. Just what I needed.

Cushion Foundation


MegaLast Cushion Foundation by Wet n Wild is my new favourite makeup product. I tried it for the first time last week and I won’t be looking for a new foundation anytime soon. This thing is wonderful. When I applied it, it felt so smooth and cool on my skin. Really quite soothing. It has SPF 15 in it too, so I love the way it smells. It lasts all day and doesn’t clog my pores. Definitely a winner for me.



Tiny Abbey on the little swings haha, so cute. My babies enjoying some time at the playground.

Evening Walk


On Friday evening, I took the kids for a walk around the lake near my house and it made me feel quite grateful. I’m lucky that I get to live somewhere that’s pretty. Somewhere that doesn’t get dark early so we can enjoy the beautiful weather. Love it.



I look so miserable here haha.

Well, that’s it for this week. Thank you for reading. I hope everyone has a great week.

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