May Goals

Hi all. I’ve not written anything in over a week. Between my trip to Alabama and JJ’s Birthday, I’ve not really had much time to sit down and concentrate on a post. I don’t know why I stopped doing monthly goals but I’m back with them. Maybe one of my goals should to be consistent? Anyway, here are my May goals…


Goal #1 – Stop avoiding my course

I was doing fine with my Photography course until it came to the part where I have to submit my photographs in. I got given the assignment over two weeks ago now and I’ve avoided working on my assignment because I’m scared I won’t get good marks? What kind of chicken shit behaviour is that? This is exactly the problem I had when I was studying Equine Management online too. You can procrastinate and avoid things for longer. In the long run that will only do more harm, so I have to keep at it and stop dawdling.


Goal #2 – Read a book

I love reading but it’s very hard to get lost in a book when I’m so busy with the kids. In all honesty, I’m in need of a good book right now.Β  I can tell when I’ve been scrolling on social media for too long or watching too many cartoons with the kids. I start to confuse the spelling of a word, and have to Google it. I feel a bit brain dead. I’m sure a nice book will fix that.Β  My son does speech therapy at a local library each week so I literally have no excuse.


Goal #3 – Get my horse back into shape

My horse Cassie has had the last 5 months off due to a foot injury. I thought that was it for her and that I’d have to retire her but on Thursday when her Farrier came to trim her feet, he told me that her wound had finally healed over. You don’t realise how happy this has made me but also there’s a part of me that’s thinking it’ll open up again (Little Miss Negative). But yeah, he told me to start riding her again (Didn’t take much convincing). Although she’s looking fabulous for an old lady, she’s lost a lot of muscle due to not working. I know I can fix that in a matter of weeks.


Goal #4 – Reject the bad energy

By this I mean cutting toxic people out of my life who aren’t good for me or don’t deserve my time. Unfortunately with social media, we are all up in each other’s business and we see everyone’s thoughts, opinions, drama and bullshit every time we scroll. I find a lot of the time I’m scrolling down my Facebook or Twitter wondering to myself why I even have this person added, but I don’t delete them because I don’t want to offend them. If it’s not good for me and it annoys me, then I’m going to start cutting people. Everyone loves a good Facebook clear out don’t they? Social media spring cleaning! I’m also not going to get involved with anyone’s drama anymore. They are on their own with it. Same goes for them. Anyone who thinks I’m a drag, should delete me too haha. I’ve got a couple of girls on my Instagram who I know don’t like me because they’ve had issues with me in the past, yet we still follow each other. Go figure. There’s one in particular that I don’t care for and whenever I see her post something and I just think “Ugh just go away”. Maybe it’s time to get rid. If it’s causing me to have negative thoughts then it’s time to go bye bye.


GoalΒ  #5 – Write more lists

Instead of just starting the day with a list in my head of what I need to do, I’m going to start writing lists so I can stay on track and feel more organized and less like a crazy person. I forget at least one thing each day, I swear. It just completely leaves my brain. I prefer jotting lists down on a piece of paper but in my house if you put the paper down, a small human will come along and draw all over it. Does anyone know any good list apps for phones? Maybe I’ll search for some.


I’ll leave it at that for now. I used to write about 10 goals and I’d not reach all of them so I’ll work on a couple of things per month. These are good ones to start with. I hope everyone has a fantastic month πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading.


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