Sum 41 – Does This Look Infected? 15 Year Anniversary Tour


On Monday I went to see Sum 41 at the House Of Blues in Orlando. This was my first gig in just a little over a year. This particular tour that they are on is the 15th Anniversary tour for their album ‘Does This Look Infected?’.

I went to the 10 year anniversary tour, so I wasn’t about to miss this one. Anniversary tour or not, I would never miss a Sum 41 gig. The first time I ever saw them was in 2002 at the Manchester Apollo with Reel Big Fish. It was magical, and 16 years later they still have it. In fact, they are even better than they used to be. They have more stage presence than ever. They have more fire than ever.

They started their set with ‘The Hell Song’ which is the first song off their album and probably the most popular. I had already guessed it would be that one, so I wasn’t surprised. I love it when bands have white curtain that drops when the music kicks in. The first band I ever saw do that was Linkin Park who would come on with ‘Don’t Stay’ and even thinking about it now over 12 years later, I still get chills. I just love curtains. The mystery, and then the reaction from the crowd when that sheet drops. Argh!

The energy of the crowd is something I hadn’t seen in a long time. The entire place was going INSANE. You could tell everyone was there just to celebrate how awesome ‘Does This Look Infected?’ is. The entire floor area was indeed a pit, everyone was pushing forwards, then sideways and I was just floating around in a sea of people not giving a damn yet making sure my glasses weren’t going to get smashed up. There would be circle pits going on in unusual places for a circle pit to be. Some lunatics next to me started one right at the front. It was rough but unlike other gigs I’ve been to, people weren’t absolute arseholes. In fact, people were looking after each other… Except for crowd surfers who don’t care about anyone but themselves haha.

When ‘The Hell Song’ ended, Deryck (their frontman) announced that they’d be playing the album in it’s entirety BUT not in the order that the tracks are in on the album. They hadn’t done that for their 10 year anniversary so I thought that was kinda cool. I was secretly hoping that they’d sneak in some songs off their other albums too, which they did as well as mixing it up with some good covers. Of course they ended the show with ‘Fat Lip’ which was perfect!

My favourite part of the set was when Frank Zummo, (Sum 41’s drummer) was up there doing a drum solo to 3 Linkin Park Songs. First ‘Faint’, then ‘One Step Closer’ and then ending it with ‘Rebellion’. At first I freaked the hell out but when he kicked into ‘One Step Closer’ I realised it was a tribute to Chester Bennington and it sparked some emotion in me. What a lovely human being to do that. He’s been doing it for a while and even performed at the tribute concert that Linkin Park hosted for Chester.

I’ll upload some else’s video of his drum solo because mine is embarrassing. I scream like an idiot.

Although the crowd was rough and I went home feeling like death, it was a fantastic night. Deryck has come back better than ever after battling alcohol abuse issues which left him in a coma for 3 days. Now he’s over it, he’s healthy and he seems really happy. And then there’s Dave Brownsound (their guitarist) who’s been back for a while now (I think since 2015) but still whenever he comes on stage it’s like holy shit he’s actually back!!! I saw him play with them in 2016 but still, I think back to my teenage years where everyone thought he was ace and then he left the band for quite some time and 9 years or so later he returns! It’s still a shock but a good one.

Overall it was just a fantastic show. I’m still knackered from it. I really am done in. I feel like I have a hangover but I don’t. It’s a Sum41-over haha. I’m so happy that they are doing well. I’m so happy that they still have that amazing energy about them and are still making old fans like me very happy! If you haven’t seen them live then do yourself a favour and just go! I walked out of the venue at the end and said to myself “Wow that was a party, not a gig”. And it really was. They are worth every penny.

Thanks for reading. Oh and before I go, here are some pictures. All iPhone, no Nikon.

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