Summer Holidays and a Proud Mum


Well the summer holidays have officially started. My house is now a wreck and my kids are either best of friends or at each other’s throats and I don’t know which one I prefer because both equal lots of noise, slamming doors, messy floors and a headache for mum. To be honest on Friday I was so ready for summer to be here. No more school runs (or at least none for a good eight weeks) but now I’m thinking school runs aren’t such a bad thing. Okay,Β  I’m done bashing my kids I’ll be nice and say that really, I am happy that I have an entire summer with all 3 kids. I love them and when my daughter Izzy is at school, I miss her.

On Friday when I picked her up from school, she handed me her report card. I pulled over and parked up to read it and couldn’t contain my emotion. I burst into tears. Happy tears of course. I told you in my last blog I’m one of those mums that cries at everything their kids do. She got straight A’s!!!Β She is also received an Honor Roll certificate for doing so well which made me unbelievably proud. As a mum, I want to see my children be happy and succeed but as much as I’d like to take credit for her doing so well, she is due way more of it. I don’t ask her to log into her computer and do maths quizzes online. I don’t ask her to sneak off into a corner and get lost in a book that’s supposed to be too advanced for her age and every other brilliant thing she does. As the eldest of three kids, she probably get’s the least attention because she doesn’t beg for it. She’s very independent.

She pushes herself. She’s outgoing, has confidence in herself and knows she’s brilliant. She prides herself on getting succeeding and growing. She loves her teachers, loves school and loves to learn. In fact, you should see her sadness whenever she has to take the day off school. I was quite the opposite in most ways. I wasn’t confident, I didn’t stretch myself, I didn’t enjoy school. Yeah I’m smart but when you don’t believe in yourself you aren’t your best. But she is and I feel lucky because I don’t have any issues with her. She’s such a well behaved, well mannered, sweet girl who feels real emotions and loves to love. She has empathy, she’s kind and generous and I could keep going on and on about her. I can’t really explain how proud I am of her. She’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever met and she’s mine. I adore her.

So yes. On we go with summer. I was hoping to get her into dance camp for summer but damn it’s so expensive. Everything in Florida is a proper rip off! I’m still looking at other dance schools in the area tough. I want to make sure the kids have a great time and don’t just sit in the house all summer. When the holidays end, my son JJ will be starting school. I think I mentioned it in my last blog but yeah, I’m going to be an emotional mess that day.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and if you’re a mother of young children, hang in there!

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Hi, I'm Laura and welcome to my blog. I'm a thirty-year-old stay-at-home mum of 3, Photography student and horse owner. Here is my life. I like to write about my children, Photography, life lessons, advice, fitness and lots more! Enjoy!

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