Getting My Septum Pierced

I finally did it. I finally got my septum pierced. I put it off for so long because I was being a big chicken. I Googled it so many times and even watched the procedure being done on YouTube. I’ve got quite a few piercings but for some reason this one was a big deal. Anyway, I did it. The septum piercing is becoming a very popular piercing to have. I’ve already had a few people ask me about my experience, so I thought I’d write about it and maybe it will help some of my readers make their decision on whether or not to get it done.

Okay so first befrore I get into it, I went to Fallen Sparrow Tattoos in Kissimmee. It’s an award winning tattoo shop filled with some amazing artists. If you’re in the area and looking for an excellent quality tattoo or piercing, this is the place to go!

Secondly, you know I’m from England and I live in America. I’m going through a phase of not caring if I spell things the English way or American way. So if you think I can’t spell or there’s a confusing mixture, it’s not the case. I just don’t care anymore. 

From the back and forth decisions on whether or not I was actually going to do it to the drive over there, I was super nervous. I filled my paperwork out, showed my ID and paid. Then their piercer, Billy came out to say hey! I calmed down after that. Nobody would have known I was freaking out but in my head I was. We follow each other on Instagram and I’ve met him before so it wasn’t like I was going in to meet a complete stranger. Plus he’s a very reputable piercer. He’s great at what he does, he’s friendly and he’s professional so I had no excuse to be so scared. Chill out, Laura.

There are many shops that will give you the jewelry that they want to give (provided that you haven’t listed any metals that you’re allergic to). What I liked about Billy is that he came out into the waiting area to ask me if I needed to hide the piercing. With a septum piercing you have a few different choices but if you want to flip the jewelry up to hide it, you will want a horseshoe ring. I’ve had it before where I’ve told the piercer what I want but they’ve ignored it.


This is what I had in mind. I think when they are small, they are cute. I told Billy that I didn’t need to hide it but I wanted something as subtle as possible. So he listened and we went with that. He went back to his room to set everything up and then it was time!

The process of the actual piercing itself isn’t complicated and it doesn’t take long (like most piercings). First, Billy checked my septum. I’m guessing that’s just to see how it sits and if there’s enough skin there. He had warned me that my piercing might tilt forwards because of the angle my septum is. The piercing itself doesn’t go through the cartilage. That’s a common misconception that people have (including me before I Googled it a while ago).

Note: If your cartilage has been pierced, then your piercer has done it wrong and you should find a more reputable piercer in your area to fix the mistake.  They can take it out and re-pierce it in the correct place. It’s not worth the pain and it’s not worth paying twice, so just be careful with who you go to. You buy cheap, you buy twice!

Once Billy checked that situation out, he cleaned the inside of my nose. Then it was time for the clamps. Anything else he did, I don’t know because I closed my eyes and tried to ignore what was on the tray.

Someone once told me that you’re not allowed to close your eyes, which confused me because why would they stop you? Well, it’s not true. You’re allowed to close your eyes. In fact, I was advised to. He warned me that my eyes would water, but I already figured. I was happy to keep them shut. I didn’t want to see.

I was super nervous again at this point but there was no going back.. Billy kindly talked me through what he was doing, and said it will be a straight forward procedure so not to worry. I faked the braveness so I could convince myself I was fine haha. He told me to take a deep breath in and then when I did, he put the needle through and just like that, it was all done. Took 2 seconds. Once the needle was through, he then put the ring in there and tightened the little balls on the end of it. It was a very quick process.


Did it hurt?

Well when you go to get a piercing, you kinda expect that it’s going to trigger at least some amount of pain. You know your body and know when certain piercings are going to hurt more than others. I expected the septum to be the most painful of all and honestly, it really wasn’t. It was not that big of a deal. People make it out to be the most painful piercing ever but it’s really not. Of course I felt it, but on a scale of 1-10 I would say the pain was about a 4 or 5. It all depends on your pain threshold. All I know is I laughed once the needle went through because I felt silly for worrying. Later on there was no swelling, no redness or major soreness. There was just a bit of blood and it was sensitive but I was gentle when cleaning it.


The least fun part

Unfortunately, it seems that I have a wonky septum. This was evident because when Billy pierced straight through, the ring itself did not sit right (which was no fault of his). And now looking at my nose from underneath, I can see it is a little bent. He took one look at it and said “That’s going to drive me f**king insane”, which made me laugh. He let me look in the mirror so I understood what he was talking about and yeah, I didn’t like what I saw. The ring didn’t sit right, even when he was moving it to see if it would look good any other way (Which by the way did not hurt). We decided to go with another piece of jewelry which now I’m glad about because the horseshoe didn’t look that cute on me.

I’m not sure if he re-pierced it or he was just putting the ring through the original hole. He told me what he was doing at the time but I blocked it out of my mind and just said “Do what you need to do”. In order to get through things, I have to just ignore the situation and go inside my head and distract myself. I’m pretty sure he re-pierced it again though because this time it bloody hurt! My eyes were closed but they were watering. Not as bad as you’d think though. Nothing dramatic. It wasn’t totally unbearable, but enough to make him tell me to sit still haha.


This is the type of ring I have through my septum now.


I did bleed for a bit. Apparently I have thin blood. Probably due to all the caffeine I drink haha (so worth it). But it wasn’t pouring. I appreciate the fact that Billy didn’t just send me on my way. He cleaned the area up with a Q-tip until it stopped bleeding. He also wanted a picture so he patiently waited. I’ve been to places before where they just want you in and out the door so they can make their next buck. This isn’t the case at Fallen Sparrow Tattoos. They care about their clients. So again, I’m going to stress that if you do this piercing, research the best piercers in your area.



The cleaning process is super easy. I know a lot of websites say you can use sea salt solution but I feel like that would be too harsh. I’m doing what I’ve been told to do with past piercings that I got from Fallen Sparrow Tattoos and I’m using fragrence-free, antibacterial hand wash. I take a Q-tip, put a tiny blob of soap on the end and run some water over it, then I gently clean the area without digging soap into the actual piercing and I then clean bottom of my nostril. Once it’s all clean, I slowly and gently move the ring so crud doesn’t dry around it (Making it painful to remove later on).  I then get a dry Q-tip try the area up.  Note: There’s no point in cleaning it if you aren’t going to wash your hands first. This should be a given. Bacteria, dudes.


How I feel 48 hours later?

Well first of all, the worst part of the piercing is the aching pain in that area for the first our or so after the procedure has been done. I wimped out and took some pain killers which helped. A few hours later, I felt totally fine. I usually sleep on my front but right now I’m having to sleep on my back. I don’t want to catch it…. Oh gosh I know it’s going to happen at some point. Can’t wait for that.. Honestly though, I feel totally fine. There’s absolutely no pain and because I’m keeping it clean, so far there’s no infection. If you follow the aftercare guidelines and refrain from touching your piercing, you will have a long and happy relationship with it. Same with any piercing.



Is it worth it?

I’d say totally! My biggest question was is having this thing through my nose going to look good or is it going to be this big ugly chunk of metal causing a distraction on my face? That’s ultimately the thing that stopped me from getting it done years ago and why I took so long to decide. I chose the most subtle ring I could and because I’m taking good care of the piercing, I’m hoping it’ll be around for a while. I’m really happy that I took the plunge and got it done. I’m in no pain and the most important thing is when I look in the mirror I’m happy. You have to like how it looks or there’s just no point.

I hope that writing about my experience has helped. If you are thinking about getting your septum pierced and have any questions, please feel free to comment and I’ll respond to you right away 🙂





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10 thoughts on “Getting My Septum Pierced

  1. It looks fab! I have had a few piercings in my younger years and you are so right, the build up is the worst bit! I have 7 holes in my ears, and 3 of them I did myself with a needle. What was i thinking! I left it to the professionals to do all the others…..Im not mad haha! Well done for braving it, looks great xxx

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  2. I think it looks good. I really love the fact that you’ve kept in your nostril hoop as well. The two together look cute. I know a lot of people who have had their nose pierced but then take that out once they get their septum done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you babe:) I love my nose piercing. I’ve had it since I was 16 and I don’t ever see me taking it out. Its actually people who kept theirs in that inspired me to get the septum done. I love nostril and septum together. I just need to match the hoops now 🙂

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