My Top 5 Favourite Shows On Netflix

Oh my gosh, I feel so lazy lately. Like, I have kids to raise and although I’m doing my job just fine and staying busy, I’m also doing it while watching Netflix. In the evenings my productivity levels are at their lowest. Once I’m hooked on a show, that’s it. The darned things owns me, and it’s bad and I feel guilty, but it’s also brilliant. I love Netflix.  Anyway, I thought I’d write down my top 3 favourite shows to watch on it. TV series only!


#1 – Prison Break

Michael and the gang are my number 1 go to on Netflix. There are five seasons of this show and I’ve seen them all SO many times, except for the last season as it’s honestly not that good. But, I’m ADDICTED! Basic overview. Guy goes to prison after “attempting” to rob a bank, only to save his Brother who is on death row for a murder he did not commit by breaking him out. To carry the whole thing out, he has to break a number of other prisoners out too. Sounds basic right? Not at all. The story line is INSANE and they have you on the edge of your eat in every episode as the story keeps unfolding. What I love about the show is the personal connection you make with the characters. William Fichtner who plays the role of Alexander Mahone is by far my favourite. His acting throughout each season is just impeccable. I felt the biggest connection to his character. Definitely worth getting in to if you haven’t seen it already.



#2 – Orange Is The New Black

I don’t know anyone who’s watched this show and not liked it but if you’re one of those people then please step forward and explain yourself. OITNB is an American comedy-drama / Web TV series following the life and drama of Piper Chapman who self surrenders herself into a women’s low security prison in NYC after being testified against for being a drug money mule if that’s even a thing…. is it? It is now. Anyway, it starts off quite dark and depressing, flip flopping back and forth between her entering prison and preparing for prison so it takes a few episodes to really get into the funny stuff but once you’re into it, you won’t want to turn it off. Funny yet serious in parts too. Last season they started pushing boundaries which I love. Just like Prison Break, I have marathons of the show multiple times a year. I’M SO EXCITED for the new season in just a little over a month. It’s scheduled release date is July 27th I believe. I’ll have the entire season watched within a week 🙂



#3 –  Gossip Girl

You know you love me. xo, xo Gossip Girl. Hahah. Go ahead, judge me. I loved it when it first aired in 2007 and I still love it now. It’s not just the scandal that draws me in, it’s also the beautiful women, the fashion, the hair and makeup. I love all of it. Something I’ll never have down! I recently started binge watching it again and just finished the final episode today. I thought that knowing who Gossip Girl is would make the whole experience completely different but it didn’t. I was still crying at the end of the final episode. Chuck and Blair forever! The final episode was in 2012 and I still hang on to that shred of hope that one day they’ll make another season or like Sex and The City, they’ll make a movie out of it. Please?



# 4 – The Inbetweeners

Just to be clear, I mean the UK version. The US version doesn’t count! The Inbetweeners series 1, 2 & 3 of this show are just brilliant and the movies are just as good, if not better. The Inbetweeners is a British sitcom, following the misadventures of awkward teenager Will and his friends Simon, Neil and Jay. Each as stupid yet hilarious as each other.

This is one of my favourite scenes, it cracks me up but I’m sure it cracks most people up too.




#5 – Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is an American neo-western crime drama television series where a high school chemistry teacher who’s dying from lung cancer comes together with an former student to secure his family’s financial future by cooking and selling…. CRYSTAL METH!  Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are brilliant together. Their onscreen chemistry (No pun intended) is fantastic. The battle between love and hate between these two is what makes us love them. There are five seasons which ended in 2013 I think? Sad times.



So there are my top 5. I have a few others that I’d like to mention. Sons of Anarchy is another great show and then there’s Shameless (UK version) which is just bloody funny but they ruined my life and took it off Netflix a while ago. Jerks.

Anyway, thank you for reading. Are any of these your favourites too?

Have a great week.



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7 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favourite Shows On Netflix

  1. I will forever be obsessed with Gossip Girl. Blake Lively is my beauty hero. I have never been able to decide who my favourite couple was though. Its between Blake and Chuck, and Serena and (early episodes) Dan. I have not actually seen any of the other shows you mention! I might have to look into them x

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  2. I am obsessed with prison break! I agree it did go slightly disappointing in the last season but it’s still good! Might have to start watching orange is the new black once i’ve finished jane the virgin!

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      1. Yeah it’s pretty good lots of twists and turns that you don’t expect! Definitely worth a watch!


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