My Brave Boy’s Surgery

Today my son J J had tubes put in his ears and he had an Adenoidectomy, which is the removal of the Adenoids behind the tonsils. The Adenoids were contributing to the blockage of fluid behind the ear, along with poor drainage which had been causing him to have many ear infections over the years and even worse, loss of hearing.

I had booked the surgery a month prior but I only started doing some real research last night It’s a fairly simple procedure and I didn’t have that many worries. In a way it’s good to research but in other ways it’s just a bloody terrible idea. People on the internet are soooooo dramatic and try to put the fear into everyone. I thought we were going into a simple procedure (which it was) but I watched someone’s video diary of her son’s experience on YouTube and she made it seem like it was the worst day ever!

My biggest fear through all this was having to leave J J alone with the doctors while they put him under. That made me feel a little jittery. You’re not allowed in to surgery with them which I expected but you still have that shred of hope that they’ll make an exception. It’s probably good that they didn’t allow it though. Knowing that my child was going to be put under general anesthetic was rather daunting. I knew he’d be okay, but there’s always that chance that something could happen.

This morning I woke up at 5:00 which was a little early but it didn’t matter. I didn’t want to be late. I showered, packed the rest of the stuff in the car, ate breakfast and waited a little before getting J J up and into the car in his pj’s and old man slippers (that’s what he calls them). The surgery centre is just over an hour away from my house and we had to be there at 8:30am. I knew the traffic would be awful so we set off a little earlier. I was told not to feed him after midnight, so the last time he had eaten was around 8 or 9pm the night before. I was really worried that he’d be hungry or need a drink. Knowing I couldn’t give him either was making me nervous because what parent wants to starve their child? Shockingly though we survived the entire journey without complaint. Phew!


Once we were there, I filled out some paperwork and things moved along pretty fast. The nurses and doctors were AMAZING. They each came in to his room, explained the process and promised us he was in great hands. One of the nurses introduced herself by giving me a big hug which was reassuring. My vision before I got there was that he would go into surgery scared, alone and wanting to be with me, but he bounced on in there with a huge smile on his face after saying goodbye to me. That was all down to the nurses making him think he was going in to do an important mission to space. Whatever works right? This helped me more than anything. I was no longer nervous. I knew he’d be okay so I didn’t cry! The entire time we were there he was calm and collected. No panic, no nervousness. Just calm and ready to go on his mission! Kids are so much braver than we make them out to be. Their ability to handle situations is a lot better than we give them credit for. That’s due to our own panicking taking over.


The whole procedure took less than 30 minutes. Before we knew it, the doctor came out to tell me that everything went perfectly and that his Adenoids were really enlarged! 15 minutes later I was allowed back to see him. One of the nurses was cuddling him as he was really groggy and not at all impressed (which is to be expected when they are coming round from the anesthesia). I then took over the cuddling duties. After an ice pop and a few cuddles, he came round and was perfectly fine. I thought it would be a lot worse than how it actually was. I had read that some kids have a really hard time coming round and they freak out, which is true but not J J. Well, I don’t think he was freaking out. There was a part of me that hated seeing him feeling helpless. I felt helpless but cuddling him made him feel a lot better. I’ll upload a short video of him when he was at his worst. Poor baby.


Fast forward a few hours later, he’s bounding around the house as if nothing ever happened. He is on pain killers and I’ve been telling him to take it easy but he felt fine, up until bedtime when he started to slow down and start feeling sorry for himself again. I’m feeding him soft foods and non-acidic drinks and I’ve not heard him complain once. He’s been sent home with pain killers and antibiotic ear drops. The nurse said the worst he will get is bad breath and a bit of gunk coming out of his ears. He had a lot of fluid behind them and honestly I can believe it because the most wonderful thing has happened. His ears are drained and…. HE CAN HEAR! We’ve been testing him all afternoon by quietly speaking his name and each time he’s responded which definitely would never have happened before. I’m sure he’ll go mad with it but it’s amazing. Oh gosh he was soooo deaf before. Proof that this was all worth it. Now he’s going to be able to heal and get the best start in school at the end of summer. I’m extremely happy for him. It’s been a long journey so far dealing with the constant ear problems and I’m hoping we are at the end.

I went in thinking it would be a lot worse but thankfully the day was a huge success and I had nothing to worry about. I’m so proud of him for handling everything so well and not crying. He’s been such a brave boy. Love him.

Thank you to all my friends and family who have checked in on him throughout the day. It means a lot to me that people care so much about him. I really do appreciate it.



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