Two Week Update on My Septum Piercing

Hello lovelies. It’s been just over two weeks since I got my septum pierced so I thought I’d write down how the healing process is going and if I enjoy having the piercing or not. That way, anyone who may be considering getting the piercing themselves can weigh up their options easier. I know that if I had something solid to read about the whole process, I’d have probably got it done sooner. Google wasn’t much help for me. People on the internet like to put the fear in other people by talking about what can go wrong and although it’s good to know these things, it’s sorta off-putting. So here is how I’m doing with my septum piercing.



Was there any pain?

I think the most daunting thing about having a piercing (after thinking about the pain from the needle) is the pain that can come afterwards. I think it’s the same with most piercings though, it’s all about how you take care of it. The area was sensitive for a few days which is to be expected but nothing extreme. I made sure that I slept on my back for at least the first few nights and I made sure not to catch the ring on anything. That means being extra careful when changing my clothes, cleaning my face and drying it with a towel. I was also aware that my kids could wack it with their clumsy arms or when I’m giving them a kiss so I made sure to be careful around them. Because of that, I’ve had no pain in that area. I exercise a lot and sometimes I’d find the sweat would make the piercing sting a little but nothing bad at all and it stopped after a few days. There was absolutely no aching and nothing actually bothered me. Piercings are usually tender for weeks after they are done but I’m sat her now wiggling my nose and knowing if I wanted to, I could touch it without it hurting (but I’m not going to).



In my postΒ Getting My Septum PiercedΒ I mentioned that I was cleaning the piercing with a mild anti-bacterial hand soap which was fragrance-fee. After a couple of days of doing that, the insides of my nose started to become irritated and I felt a horrible burning sensation which I didn’t like so I searched on Google other ways of cleaning it and I read that the best way to clean the piercing is with a sea salt solution. Luckily I had some sea salt at home, so I filled a mug with warm water and poured the salt in there, then dipped my nose in it for a few minutes. I also took a Q-tip and cleaned the piercing area itself just to make sure. It felt sooooo good. I’ve been doing that for the past week and a half and it’s really helping. I also made sure not to wash my face with soap / facial cleanser every day. I don’t usually do it every day anyway because it’s actually really bad for your skin. But when I did, I made sure not to go near that area. Same goes for applying makeup too. You’ve just gotta try to avoid the area as much as possible, to eliminate the chances of getting an infection. Makes sense though, right? Don’t touch! (Please note that you should only use 100% sea salt. No Iodized salt).


Am I happy with the piercing?

Yes! Yes I am. I’m very happy that I got it. Because I’ve kept it clean it’s healing nicely with no pain or infection. It’s probably one of the easiest piercings I’ve had. It’s not fully healed yet but when it is, I’m going to go back to the piercing shop and have the ring changed out for something a little smaller. When I look in the mirror, I’m happy with it and I feel like I’ll never want to take it out, just like my nose ring which I’ve had since I was 15/16 years old. I’ve had quite a lot of piercings over the years and I’d say this one is definitely top 5 best ones I’ve had. I love it.

So there, that was just a quick update for anyone who’s wondering whether or not it’s worth it. I’d say it definitely is if you can take good care of it.





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