Switch to A Cruelty-Free Lifestyle With These 5 Great Tips

When you think about switching to a more cruelty-free lifestyle, do you dismiss it? Is the thought of having to think about what products you’re buying a little discouraging? Well, not to worry. I’m here to give you some tips on how to make the change. It’s an easy enough process that once you get the hang of it, becomes second nature to you.

A little background on me. I became a Vegetarian sometime in high school. I never quite grasped the whole Vegan thing but luckily I started to realise slowly over time that the dairy industry and animal testing industry are worse than the meat industry and that being Vegetarian alone isn’t enough. I started to become more aware of cruelty-free products and realised that there was no excuse to continue on with the contribution to torturing innocent animals, so I became fully Vegan and it’s been such a pleasure.

So, if you’re interested in making the switch, here are 5 easy tips on how to start.


#1 – Familiarize yourself with cruelty-free products

When you’re out shopping, look on the back of the labels. Shampoos, conditioners, body washes, moisturizers, makeup, household products etc. You should see the all so famous bunny logo. It could be either one of these.


I’ve also got used to scanning the ingredients just to double check that the product is actually 100% Vegan. You may or may not want to do that, but I am Vegan so I don’t want to use any animal products at all. Sounds like a fuss, right? Well, trust me, you’ll get used to it very quickly. The more cruelty-free products that you find, the more excited you’ll get. I make it a game every time I go shopping. I try to find at least one new Vegan product. In no time, you’ll be a cruelty-free whiz!


#2 – Take it easy with the products, stick to a budget

There are plenty of cheap cruelty-free products out there but there are also some more expensive ones with pretty packaging and they are going to make you want to buy them because you’ll get lost in the excitement of finding more cruelty-free products. But if you over-spend then you’re going to be tempted to go back to the cheaper cruelty products. Do a bit at a time and don’t go insane with it right away.



#3 – Have a little help from the internet

Or an app! I downloaded the app ‘Bunny Free’. It’s a free app where you can type in the name of a product / company OR scan the bar code and it will tell you if it’s cruelty-free / vegan. Failing that, the internet will tell you anything won’t it? If you look on my internet history you’ll just find “Is X product cruelty-free?”… Super easy!



#4 – Make mental notes while you’re doing housework

Which washing powder are you using? What toothpaste do you use? What soap do you use? What about your deodorant or that Windex you use? Even some clothing companies!! You’d be shocked to find out what products are tested on animals. MOST of the household products out there do test on them. Even some food and drink products are tested on animals. It’s insane!!! So once you’ve done your research, make a mental note (or write it down) and remember it when you’re out shopping. When you’re doing laundry and you see your Arm & Hammer laundry detergent sitting there, make a mental note to switch it out for something less harmful to animals. Bit by bit you’ll have a cruelty-free household.



#5 – Use social media

You can learn a lot just by going on social media. Instagram is a good one. If you find some pages dedicated to Veganism or to being cruelty-free then you’ll be in cruelty-free heaven. Seeing what other people use or just knowing that there are SO many people out there doing the same thing makes you feel part of something good and will only encourage you to keep up with that lifestyle. There are also a lot of blogs out there (like this one) that can provide tips.



The most important thing is to know that you’re not restricting yourself. It’s a pleasure, not a punishment. Watch some videos, join PETA. Learn. Talk to other people. Just enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s actually really easy, especially nowadays where a lot of companies are actually catering towards us and switching their products to cruelty-free. I love it. The same goes for Veganism. People ask me what I eat all the time and I think “You should see the inside of my fridge”. SO MUCH! It’s so bloody easy. So I hope more and more people will make the change and understand it’s such a great thing to do. These voiceless animals need our help!

If you would like anymore advice then please let me know. Soon I will do a post on all my favourite cruelty-free products.

Thank you for reading.





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