Taking Pictures of My Girls

Yesterday I took the girls to the park down the road to take some pictures. The weather has been kinda disgusting lately. Either too hot or storming. But yesterday I jumped at the small window of opportunity I had between it cooling down and storming and we just about made it with some time to spare for having fun at the playground.

I’m happy with the outcome of the pictures, but I’m unhappy with how I edited a few of them. One of my biggest focuses is now going to be learning how to use Adobe Lightroom properly and mastering the best lighting. I’m also not happy with my knowledge when it comes to navigating my way around my new camera (which isn’t so new anymore). I’ve actually not picked my camera up for a few weeks.

Last night I was feeling discouraged, like I should give up. It’s a usual trait of mine. When I don’t think I’m good at something, I get angry at myself and want to stick to something I know I’m good at. Once I finished sulking I got over it. I don’t want to give up. I enjoy it.

I’m going to write more often, about Photography and to upload some pictures. I want to see progress each time.


  1. Pick the camera up every day
  2. Learn more about it’s features
  3. Shoot in RAW
  4. Watch some videos on how to master Lightroom

So this post is just a short one, but here are a few pictures I took.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.





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Hi friends, welcome to my blog. I'm just your not so average stay-at-home mum who likes to write in her spare time. I have 3 little cuties who are my entire world but I also have a life outside parenting which I like to write about too. I love photography, music, health & fitness, cruelty-free cosmetics and a hell of a lot more.

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