My Addiction to Monster Energy Drinks

I remember when I first became addicted to Monster Energy drinks. It was in 2011 and I had just started working at a barn down the road from me. I worked out in the sun with the horses for 12 hours a day. I was exhausted and sweaty but it kept me somewhat in shape. The barn owner used to stock the fridges with Monster Energy drinks and although they were supposed to be for customers to purchase, I took most of them and drank them. I was wired all day. Not to mention I used to drink back then AND I smoked (YUCK). When my kids were at their dad’s for the weekend, I’d go out drinking with the girls from work, then show up to work hungover as hell, so down went another 5-6 cans of Monster per shift. I could handle it though. I honestly don’t know how, but I could. The thought of being hungover makes me feel sick, because I am no longer a drinker, so let’s move on….

The addiction to Monsters only spiraled from then onward. I’ve been drinking them ever since. At least one a day (except for during my pregnancies). I love them. They taste so good. So unbeatable, and nothing can compare (in my opinion). I have always been happy drinking them. Whenever anyone would mention how bad they are, I’d just tell them to get off my back. I see people every day smoking, drinking, eating things that can cause heart disease, addicted to fast food. Why is one or two Monsters a day so bad?

But that’s where I lied to myself. I cannot do one a day. It got worse after I quit drinking coffee and quit smoking cold turkey in the SAME WEEK. It was hard. I had nausea, flu symptoms, really bad moods, headaches, the lot. But I got through it. I thought that if I had quit those, that having a few Monsters wouldn’t kill. But what I’ve only just realised is that my obsession with those drinks has gotten worse since I quit my other addictions. What is wrong with me?  Call it the addictive personality, call it greedy, call it what you want, but I have been chugging those bad boys every day for months now. Sometimes I have only one can but because they do deals in the shops (2 for $4), I’ve used that as an excuse to buy an extra one. I lie to myself and say I’ll keep one in the fridge until the next day but that never happens.

Here are the Nutrition Facts on the particular can of Monster that I drink.

Recently, I’ve been going to bed late because I’m just not tired enough at bed time. I’ve been drinking the energy drinks later on in the day. Then do you remember my little blog about how I stupidly put myself in hospital with my birth control issue? I Stupidly Tried to Take My Own Implant Out. Well, I was supposed to be on antibiotics for a week. Although I do not have an infection now, I didn’t take the full course of medication. After 3 days,  I started to get some side effects that I didn’t like. I stopped taking them but even now over a week later, I have not been feeling good and the other night I went to hospital.

I had horrible pains in my chest all week but nothing serious. Just annoying! Then that day, I felt more tired than usual and my chest was hurting more than usual. It felt like I’d drank a whole pan of fat and it was stuck in my esophagus or my lungs were jammed with something. It didn’t feel right to me, so I thought I better be safe and get it checked out. They checked for a blood clot in my lung and they did an x-ray but both came back normal. So true to American doctor form, they just sent me home with some Motrin and said “Come back if you keep getting these symptoms but it just looks like Acid Reflux”. When on my paperwork it says “Return to ER if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms” and then it lists the bloody symptoms I’m having. What a joke haha. Apparently it could just be Acid Reflux.

I’m not a doctor, but I know what Acid Reflux feels like. I’ve been through THREE pregnancies. This is a tightness in my chest, feels like I’ve just come back from 3 nights out in a row and smoked 40 cigarettes each night. It feels like someone is cutting my air off, but only slightly, so I can breathe but it’s a little harder than usual. There isn’t any burning or major pain, it’s just a constant tightness. I’ve also had a few heart palpitations too. Whatever it is, I guess I’m just going to hang on and see if I’m fine but at the end of the day, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this could very well be caused by the amount of caffeine I drink every day. Maybe me taking the antibiotics and continuing drinking Monsters was silly. Maybe, there’s nothing seriously wrong with me and this is merely a wake up call to tell me to stop abusing the energy drinks.

I’ve tried to quit drinking them but I give in because they are yummy and have become part of my morning routine (Just like cigarettes did). Whenever I drive past a shop. I get that itch, and I pull in and buy two (Just like I did when I smoked). I know it sounds a little far fetched but caffeine is a drug and I’m sure we all know it’s addictive. Quitting coffee was ugly. Quitting smoking was a long and hard battle. But I quit both and I don’t ever think about either of them. They are things of the past, so maybe energy drinks can be too?

I don’t want to completely quit the energy drinks. I still have that mindset that if I don’t drink or smoke, then I should be entitled to enjoy something else. But why? Again, addictive personality talking but I enjoy them. I hope that this is a wake up call that I listen to, but can also enjoy the drinks in moderation. I’m not going to sit here and promise never to drink one again. I never did that with smoking, and I haven’t smoked since. So we will see how things go. All I know, is I’m done abusing my body!





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