My Fun Afternoon in Hospital with an Injured Foot and A Fussy Baby

On Saturday morning, the doorbell rang. It was my children’s friend from down the road. I was upstairs doing my makeup. My kids ran to the door and I went to stand up to talk to them for a second (Usual nagging mum things). The baby was in bed, and I always tell them to take their friend outside so they don’t wake her up. As I turned to get up off my chair, I felt a stabbing pain in the bottom of my foot. At first, I thought it was a pin but it ended up being glass. I sat back down on my chair and tried to stay calm. The glass came from a makeup kit I have. My son had stood on the case and smashed it (Boys will be boys) and I thought I had cleaned it all up. Actually, can we take a second? What possesses boys to stomp on things and destroy things? Lunatics haha.

I’m a little dramatic with stuff like this. Little things like paper cuts can ruin my entire day. Give me childbirth and I can rock that thing without a single tear streaming down my face, but small cuts in important places like hands or feet, freak me out. With how fast I jumped up, it put some pressure on the glass so I felt and heard a “CRUNCH”. It knocked me sick. I immediately pulled the shard of glass from my foot and watched it bleed everywhere. I’m okay with blood but our carpets…… they aren’t okay with it. I had no towels in reach and I was dripping blood everywhere so I picked up a hoodie that was on the side and wrapped it around my foot (RIP hoodie).

I took a picture of it, because why not? But out of respect for people who hate feet or blood, I’m not going to upload it.

Luckily I had surgical scrub at hand, as well as bandages etc. I cleaned it, wrapped it up and went on with my day, limping. Something was telling me that I had a piece of glass stuck in there. I was finding it extremely painful to put any weight on that foot. I went to a football match that evening and I was in agony all night. Then yesterday while I was watching the France vs Croatia game, it started to swell up pretty badly. I couldn’t even put a shoe on. The pain was getting worse and worse throughout the morning and I didn’t want to be dramatic, but I knew I needed to get it checked out. Then my decision was finally made when I went back upstairs to look at the glass (I hit it from the kids, I didn’t just leave it there haha) and the end that went in my foot looked snapped. I just knew the rest was in my foot, so off I went.



This is where the fun starts.

I got to hospital with Abbey around 3:30pm and waited and waited and waited. Finally they did an x-ray of my foot and then left me waiting and waiting and waiting. I spent so much energy on trying to keep Abbey happy. She was getting rather impatient. I could only allow her to sit on the bed because hospital floors? Ewww! She kept dropping her dummy and throwing her bottle and crying because she was bored. TV wasn’t helping, snacks weren’t helping, juice wasn’t helping. She had spilled juice down her top so I had to change her. That was the last outfit. Then I needed to change her nappy, but realised I had only brought two nappies. We were then down to just one. I felt a little overwhelmed so I decided to bite the bullet and take her for a walk (or a hobble) around the hospital.

Finally at 5:30pm the doctor came in and told me that I did in fact have glass inside my foot and they were going to soak it, then cut my foot open and pull glass out. At this point, I looked down at Miss. Fussy Pants Abbey, and noticed she had popped and that her nappy / diaper had EXPLODED all over her legs and her pram. I nearly cried. What can I say? Motherhood!!!

Thankfully, the Doctor gave me a few minutes to clean up and then off we went. I had nobody to look after the baby, so she was up on the hospital bed with me. First came the numbing, which was the worst part. I had 4-5 needles stuck in my foot and it bloody hurt (I shed a little tear). At the same time, Abbey was trying to climb on my head so I had to put Mickey Mouse on my phone and let her watch it, but then she proceeded to cry because she wanted to go to the end of the hospital bed to see what the Doctor was doing. Oh gosh, STRESSSS! Luckily the he was amazingly patient. Obviously has kids of his own. At this point, my foot was completely numb, so I was happier. I couldn’t feel a thing. He found a total of 3 pieces, one of which was a good size. When we has done, I had my foot fixed up and wrapped and then they told me I had to wear this ugly thing until the wound heals over.



Abbey trying to help.


I was so excited to get the hell out of there. By this time it was about 6pm. I was over it and so was Abbey. We hobbled to the car, then I tried to drive home, but didn’t get far. I didn’t even get out of the parking space. I couldn’t press down on my clutch. I tried four times before giving up and crying. I felt so helpless. It just hurt too much. I probably looked crazy, sat there having a meltdown. It wasn’t even a serious injury but with having a fussy and teething baby there, the poop, the spilled drinks etc, I was just over it. I was upset that I didn’t have anybody there to watch the baby.

Luckily my mum picked me up. Abbey is usually a really good baby, she was just fed up so I didn’t hold it against her. Sat in the same room for hours is boring. Mummy doesn’t blame you, Abbey!

I’m fine now. My foot hurts but it will be okay in a few days. They told me I have to see a specialist to check there’s no glass in there but I doubt I will. American healthcare and all. I’ll be in debt forever at this rate. This was my THIRD hospital visit this month. I never have to go to hospital. July is taking the piss!!!

So yeah, I thought I’d write about my day because I can look back at it in a year or whenever and have a laugh at it. It really wasn’t anything serious but it hurts a lot and I can’t go for a run, or see the horses so I’m a little gutted. At the end of the day, I’m happy that it was me that stood on the piece of glass and not the kids. That would have been bad.

What a day!




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