My Weight Loss Journey – Day 4

It’s Saturday morning. I had a nice healthy breakfast with the kids then we lazed around for an hour before going for a walk/run together (Well, they lazed while I cleaned up). Abbey in her pram, Izzy on her bike and JJ on his scooter. It was lovely but we only managed a mile because it’s so bloody hot outside. Although, as I type this now, I’m looking outside and the sun is hiding behind the clouds….. and now it’s raining. Way to go, Florida! As soon as we got back, Izzy jumped on my Elliptical machine then started doing stair sprints. The little cutie. Someone obviously felt motivated this morning. It’s so cute when your kids try to impress you. I’m going to go give her a big cuddle.

I’m only day 4 of my new health kick and I’ve already noticed a few changes. First of all, I’ve dropped a little weight. I already feel better about myself and I’m at peace with the fact that I gained this weight. It happened, but that’s okay. I’m not going to spend any more time in the mirror, pointing out what’s wrong with me. I’m now feeling more positive about getting the body I want. I also feel less bloated, I have more energy and overall I’m in even better spirits. Not just about myself, but about life! About everything. I already feel like I have a better attitude towards things. This better stick haha!


MyFitnessPal and food

I have been using MyFitnessPal (as I stated in my last blog) and at first I got a little bit pissy with it. Like, do I really have to count calories ALL day? Eating is supposed to be fun, not torture. I want to lose weight but not put in the effort. Haha, I was really sulking. It was annoying me, but then after the first day when I stuck to my calorie limit, ate HEALTHY foods and drank lots of water, it made me feel proud. Is it silly to say you’re proud of yourself for sticking to a limit? Well, I am. I don’t do moderation. I love food. I’m lucky I’m not 400lbs.

You have to be honest with this app. Add in EVERYTHING you’ve eaten or drank and every bit of exercise you’ve done, or else it’s not accurate and you won’t get the results you want. You can scan the barcode on your food packaging if it makes it easier for you and then just add the correct serving amount or you can add it in manually. Either way is easy.

As for food. I’ve cut condiments out. I’ve stopped putting ketchup on everything. For me, that’s a huge deal. I love ketchup so much but I’m willing to do what it takes now. I’m enjoying being able to actually taste my food haha. I’m enjoying eating fresher foods and the portion control is making me feel good too. I have a daily sugar limit and I’m staying under that. Honestly, this is my weak spot so I can’t blab on like I understand everything. All I know is I’m happy to be eating healthier and it’s good to learn more about my body and the food I put in it.

Here are some of my favourite dishes so far:

  • Spiced tofu scramble with avocado
  • Protein waffles with fruit on top (No syrup)
  • Tofurkey and avocado rolls (Low-calorie snack that’s filling)
  • Chicken strips (non-breaded) with avocado
  • Rice and black beans (Half a portion)
  • Half portion of rice and steamed veggies
  • Avocado with lime

As you can see, I love avocado haha.

Weight lost so far: 3.6lbs

I will leave you with some screenshots of my Instagram story. All of these snacks/dishes are 100% vegan and 100% yummy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know I’m only 4 days in but if I don’t write about it or I don’t say positive things about myself, I won’t get there and that’s not an option anymore.









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