My Weight Loss Journey – Week 3

I don’t have much to report for this week. I’ve been a bad girl. Very lenient with some of the things I’ve eaten. On Monday I went for lunch with my Dad and we went to Mellow Mushroom Pizza on International Drive in Orlando. Holy crap, their pizza is so good. Then from there, I kept spiraling but nothing insane. A Monster Energy here and there. I lied when I said I was going cold turkey. Take your judgments elsewhere because I don’t care anymore haha. Yesterday we went to Ethos Vegan Restaurant in Winter Park and their menu is to die for. So I ate my food and picked off my kids’ plates when they were finished eating. I was in my element haha. But you know what? I’m not even worried. I didn’t gain any weight. I maintained all week and then lost 1 pound towards the end of the week. I’m not annoyed at myself at all because I’ll be back on it today and be working even harder.

Although I haven’t done as well this week, I still feel slimmer. I’m really starting to de-bloat. I’m shrinking. It’s working. I will get there. I’m happy!

Progress picture


The picture on the left is only a couple of months ago. The picture on the right is me yesterday. I’m wearing the exact same top and standing in a similar position. I tried to keep the phone around the same height. On the left, I hadn’t started eating right. I felt bloated and unhappy every day. I’d stopped looking after myself. I didn’t want to be attractive for a while and kept punishing myself. I took this when I was feeling my absolute worst, to remind myself that I don’t want to look OR feel like that again. That top is not flattering. It’s an oversized top that makes me look like a tent, but that’s no excuse because I was still quite large.

The picture on the right is NOT my final picture, but I’m less bloated and looking a little happier. I’m happy to say that I’m NOT sucking my belly all the way in. First time in a longgggg time. Now please ignore the Pringles. Those are not mine. Pringles are f**king disgusting haha. The kids were munching on them. Although I’m not MUCH different in weight (I’ve only lost 6lbs), I’ve slimmed down and am feeling lots better. It’s amazing what eating right and drinking lots of lemon water can do. I’m so excited to keep going and hopefully, I can add a few more progress pictures soon.

Running not so good

The other day when I went for a run, my ankle was hurting and the foot that I had injured by stepping on glass was so sore (it still is). I felt like my ankle had absolutely no support. I looked at the bottom of my trainers and noticed I had no grip on the bottom of them. I’d literally run them into the ground haha, soooo I ordered myself some new ones. I went with Etnies this time. I’m excited to use them, but for a few more days I’m going to stick to my kettlebells and elliptical machine because my foot is really sore this week. I’m just going to put it down to bruising from the glass and I’m sure next week I’ll be good to go again.



I’m not sure if anyone else feels or felt this way but Kettlebell workouts seemed daunting to me. But now I have a Kettlebell and have learned how to use it, I’m really enjoying using it. I mentioned last week that I searched on YouTube for some tutorials. I’m now watching the videos and working out at the same time. Until I find my way with the Kettlebell, I’m finding it useful to have some help from a pro. Here are a couple videos I’ve enjoyed so far.








It’s time to step it up now, Laura!ย 





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