Getting My Septum Ring Switched Out For the First Time

Oh go on, why not? Let’s have a little chat about how my Septum piercing is healing up and my experience with getting the ring changed out for the first time. It’s been just eight weeks since I got this piercing and I updated y’all on it after two weeks so it only makes sense to do another update. I really wanted to change the jewelry (American spelling, sorry) in my nose. Everything felt fine with the piercing. One side was slightly tender and crusty but I cleaned it every day and wanted to go to the shop to get it changed out by Billy who originally pierced it. I didn’t feel like this was a piercing I should mess around with, with it being my nose. Plus, I cannot see the piercing hole. I just can’t. So, yeah, I’m not doing this by myself the first time. I could see how it would go. I’d struggle to unlatch the ring, pull it out and then struggle to get the new ring in, damaging the piercing and making myself sore. Haha, no thanks.

When I got to the store, we were looking through pieces of jewelry, then Billy had a look at my nose and right away told me that I had torn the piercing on one side (the side that is sensitive). Apparently, you’re NOT supposed to move the jewelry during the healing process. Someone wasn’t listening to the aftercare instructions like they should have been. I looked down and on the tray and I saw a needle. I thought “Oh shit not this again”. Seriously, I just don’t want another needle going through my nose but I LOVE the piercing so whatever. Get over it, Laura. Deep breath in, and OUCHHHHH! Oh my god, it hurt quite a bit. What I assume he was doing, was leveling out my piercing so that it could sit right. He’s not going to put anything in a torn piercing hole. He was very patient with me because I was being a little wimp about it! I didn’t cry, but I complained haha.

Once the new jewelry was in, I got up and looked at it in the mirror. Billy instantly questioned me about how it sat. I think he knew I wouldn’t like it. It wasn’t anything he did wrong, it was my personal preference. I told him I wanted the jewelry to sit snug and be as subtle as possible and he wanted to make sure I was happy with it. My nose is really awkward and I never really noticed the bent septum until I first got it pierced. Now I totally see it. He didn’t want to send me home with something I wasn’t happy with so out came the clamps, another piercing needle, the Q-Tips and the anti-bacterial gel. I got that nervous sickly feeling in the bottom of my stomach and my heart started racing. I knew he was re-piercing it. I could chicken out now or sit there and be brave. I came this far so I’m doing it. I gripped hold on the table/bed I was sat on and closed my eyes. Oh GOD! Breathe in aaaaand PINCH!

This one wasn’t as bad, to be honest. It didn’t hurt (much), although my eyes were streaming. It’s not an unbearable pain, it’s just your natural reaction is to back away from pain but when you’re being pierced, you have to sit still. I kept wanting to pull away from the needle. Once it was done, I looked at it and knew he’d done the right thing. The jewelry sits nice and snug and isn’t hanging down my face. I appreciated him doing that for me. He didn’t HAVE to. Totally worth it.


Here is my snug little Septum ring. It has cute diamonds on it for some extra sparkle.


So, ladies and gents. If you get your Septum pierced, remember to notย move the jewelry around. Don’t play with it. Don’t touch it. Don’t do anything with it. I’m soaking my nose in a cup of salt water once or twice a day, gently dabbing it with a Q-Tip and leaving it the heck alone!!! Lesson learned.

I’ve had a needle through that thing about four times now. No moreeeee!THANK YOU FOR READING



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