I Survived the Summer Holidays

Well, I made it until the end of Summer. I survived the endless bickering and when the kids come running to mum to tell on each other. We’ve had slamming doors, sassy responses to everything I say. We’ve had the lot. I’ve lost count how many times I shouted: “GET OFF THOSE TABLETS, YOU’VE BEEN ON THEM ALL DAY, JUST READ A DAMN BOOK.” I feel like I’ve been constantly picking things up of the floor and over and over again I’ve been ignored when I ask them not to do something. I’m tired. I’m ready for them to go back now. As mean as that sounds. I know that every mother is thinking the same thing too. I want the house to stay clean for more than 30 minutes. I want some peace and quiet when the baby naps, so I can focus on what I’m doing and not hear yelling and bickering. Don’t get me wrong, they haven’t fought all summer. Actually, in some ways, it’s worse when they team up and become best friends. The noise levels increase as they laugh at how much trouble they are causing and sometimes they wind me up haha.

Through all my complaints though, it’s been a nice Summer. I’ve tried to keep them as busy as possible. I think they’ve enjoyed themselves. It’s been nice having Isabelle around. During the school year I don’t get much chance to hang out with her because she’s always so busy and then on the weekends, she goes to her Dad’s house. I think the highlight for me was our little holiday to Sarasota. Watching the sunset on the beach every night will all my babies was perfect. I’ve wanted to get back there before the holidays were over but we’ve had too many appointments lately, which has stopped us. I’m grateful for going at least once and we will go again soon.


Now it’s onto a new school year. New teachers for Isabelle and a whole new experience for Jaxon because tomorrow is his first day of school!!!!

I’m nervous. I wasn’t as nervous with Izzy. I remember the day she started school so clearly. I walked her to her class and nervously waited while she settled in. I expected her to turn around and cry for me, but she didn’t. Off she went, making friends and joining in a morning group activity. I was so proud of her. I hope Jaxon does the same thing. I hope he doesn’t cry for me. I hope he handles the day well. I think he will. Actually, I know he will. Kids are resilient, aren’t they? It’s their mothers that are ones with the problem. Especially me. I cry over anything when it comes to these kids. I know that I’ll be crying my eyes out a lot tomorrow. He’s my little boy. Mums and Sons have the most wonderful bond. He’s been with me for five years and now I have to kick him out to school. I’m excited and proud of him, but I’m sooooo anxious about it too. I cried on the last day of school when Izzy walked out of class with her certificate saying she was an honor roll student. Ahhhh these kids and my heart. They’ll be the death of me.

On Friday evening, we went to meet the teachers at open evening. Jaxon got to meet his teacher and Izzy met hers too. She was a little overwhelmed because her new class is a little difficult to find, so we practiced walking to it and I assured her she will be okay once she get’s through her first day. Bless her.

It’s an emotional time. It’s a HUGE deal for me. On Friday JJ finished Speech Therapy for good. I cried then (duh). I was happy and proud of him but also sad because it’s become such a big part of our lives and Jax has a good bond with his Speech Therapist. He’s signed up for starting football (Or soccer as you Americans say). He will be doing that twice a week, then Isabelle will be doing Ballet once a week. So much is happening and so much is going to change. As emotional as I am about it, I’m also very happy to see them doing stuff. I know that they are both going to do great this year.

So as much as I want some peace and quiet. As much as right now I want to bash their heads together because I’m trying to concentrate on this blog and they won’t let me, I will miss them terribly. I’m going to show up mega early to pick them up tomorrow. My babies ❀ I don’t even have the right words to say when it comes to my kids. I become this babbling idiot. EMOTIONAAAAL!

I hope everyone has had a good Summer. I know for the UK schools, you aren’t back in yet but we are over here in the States.








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4 thoughts on “I Survived the Summer Holidays

  1. Sounds like a great summer, despite the way our little darlings test us! I love the photo of the kids on the beach, gorgeous. That first day of school, gawd thats emotional. I still remember feeling like my kids were yanked away from me when they started school. im forever the dramatic haha! I hope they all settle back fine, well done lovely, you made it haha xx

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