I Survived the Emotional First Week of School

Yes, I survived it. I did not go to school but it was a crazy week. The first week was just as emotional and tiring as I expected it to be, if not more. Izzy has gone into 3rd Grade (Super proud of her). This was JJ’s first week of school. The first time he’s ever left me to go into the care of another adult (Besides family). I was extremely nervous to let him go. It was a massive deal for me. He’s a complete Mummy’s boy and I’m just as protective and obsessed with him. All week I was crying on and off at just the thought of having to leave him. Having to leave him in a big school with complete strangers. I thought on the day I’d be fine but I wasn’t. I cried, a lot. I made it halfway to my car and just burst into tears. It wasn’t like Izzy’s first day. Her first day she was in a much smaller school which I felt more comfortable with. Their new school is huge. It didn’t sit right with me at first (I’m a needy Mum). I’m still not completely comfortable with leaving him now and I know I should relax a little but I just care! I’m not sure if I’m physically exhausted or just emotionally drained!

Luckily, he’s enjoying it and luckily Izzy likes her teachers also. I’m also never worried about Izzy because she LOVES school. She’s an absolute nerd (I love it). In addition to starting school, Izzy has started doing Ballet classes and JJ has joined a football team. I took him for his first match on Saturday. He was so damn cute. I don’t think he quite understood the rules but he will get there. He knew he had to tackle to get the ball and shoot it in the right net. He got stuck in and scored 3 goals! That’s the main thing, right? I also paid to sign Izzy up for football lessons. She was kicking a ball about in the background while we were watching JJ and it dawned on me that maybe she wanted to be on a team. Her cute little face lit up when I offered to pay for her classes, so now she’s on a team too. As for Ballet well, I know that every parent thinks their kid is the best at everything but that girl was born to dance. She’s been into dance for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, I have never had the funds to send her to a dance school. It’s part of the reason I sold one of my horses so I could afford stuff like this and I don’t regret it one bit. I love giving my children what they want and watching them excel. The biggest joy in the world. I’m proud of both of them and they make my heart happy!

So I’m going to leave it at that. I’ll post some photos of the kids. None of these next photos were taken with my Nikon. Unfortunately, they are the product of my Samsung Galaxy that has a less than impressive camera (In my opinion).






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