I Went to See Mike Shinoda On His ‘Post Traumatic’ Tour

With Linkin Park being my all-time favourite band and Mike Shinoda being the very reason I got into them, there was no way I wasn’t going seeing him on his Post Traumatic TourMonster Energy Outbreak Tour. Mike is currently on his first solo tour since releasing his very first solo album ‘Post Traumatic’, following the death of his former bandmate Chester Bennington who took his own life last year. Last night, he played the House Of Blues in Orlando, which is one of my favourite venues. I’m going to write about how the night went so anyone who didn’t go can be jealous. Nah I’m kidding. This will be for me a few years down the line where I can look back on memories. I’m sure I won’t make much sense at all because I don’t think I have the right words to explain just how much I loved this show.

Being the old lady I am, I didn’t arrive at the House Of Blues until 7:45pm, which was 15 minutes before the opening act came on. There was only one opening act, and that was a band from the UK called ‘DON BROCO’.  Are they well known in the UK? I think they might be, but they are new to America. I really enjoyed watching them. They had such great energy. Their music is very upbeat and bouncy, with that typical modern British rock band sound to it, but then they also have a heaviness to them as well. Right away, they demanded the attention of the crowd and won them over during their first song, which was impressive.

When it was time for Mike Shinoda, he kicked the show off with ‘Petrified’ (Fort Minor song) and I was instantly pumped!!! Right away, he brought that same energy as he did back in Linkin Park days. Bouncing around on stage, smiling, laughing, loving what he does and enjoying the crowd. I knew then that it was going to be a great show. I just couldn’t believe I was seeing him on stage again.

Here is the setlist from the show. I stole it from Setlist.fm

  1. Petrified (Fort Minor song)
  2. I.O.U. 
  3. In Stereo (Fort Minor song)
  4. Make It Up as I Go
  5. Hold It Together
  6. Roads Untraveled (Linkin Park song)
  7. Sorry for Now (Linkin Park song)
  8. Crossing A Line
  9. Ghosts
  10. Waiting for the End / Where’d You Go (LP X Fort Minor)
  11. In The End (Linkin Park song)
  12. Numb (Linkin Park song)
  13. Iridescent (Linkin Park song)
  14. Castle of Glass (Linkin Park song)
  15. Welcome (Fort Minor song)
  16. Good Goodbye / Bleed It Out (LP)
  17. About You
  18. Over Again / Papercut (Mike/LP song)
  19. It’s Goin’ Down (X-Ecutioners song)
  20. Remember the Name (Fort Minor song)
  21. Running from My Shadow


As you can see, he played a lot of Fort Minor and Linkin Park songs, which I was pleasantly surprised with. I knew he would play a few, but I was over the moon about Fort Minor because I’m a huge fan and I was secretly hoping he would perform a few of their songs. Before I got there, I thought it might be weird seeing him do Linkin Park songs because the rest of the band weren’t there, but honestly, when he played them, I felt like I was at an LP show anyway. He brought certain Linkin Park aspects to the show. He could have totally changed direction with the songs, but he stayed true to the originality of each song how the band performed it live. It was just fantastic. I felt so overwhelmed with happiness. You think you’re never going to hear those songs live again and then you do. Obviously, I would prefer Chester to be there but it was still a wonderful time.

The crowd LOVED it. They were singing louder than the speakers. I was quite impressed with them…. or us. I was part of it haha. There was just this sense of togetherness. Nobody was forming a pit, nobody was arguing or fighting or being idiots. Everyone was there to sing their hearts out to Mike and celebrate Chester’s life together. The energy in the room was insane. Bigger and more impressive than any gig I’ve ever been to. A portion of the show was dedicated to Chester. He had us all sing Chester’s lines from ‘In The End’ while he played his keyboard. This bit killed me. I was trying my best to sing along but I honestly couldn’t. I was so choked up. It was the most beautiful yet saddest thing. A total mixture of emotions. I’m glad I got to be a part of it though.


During the encore, Mike said, “I’m going to try something new with you guys” then broke into ‘It’s Goin’ Down’ which is the song they did with X-Ecutioners. I LOST IT!!! I love that song so much. My entire teenage years came flooding back and I was soooo happy! It made my entire evening. I’m smiling now as I write this. That was definitely my favourite moment. I felt like there was nobody else in the room when his band played that. The entire setlist was just perfect. Him cutting into Papercut was another one of my favourites. I loved the mashups he did and watching him perform his own songs was a treat. He was on stage for an hour and a half which was a nice surprise. The entire thing was just perfect. A Mike Shinoda/Fort Minor/Linkin Park filled evening!! PERFECT!!!!

Honestly, my words aren’t going to be able to describe just how amazing the show was. Everything from the exciting lighting on stage, his energy, the setlist, his silly jokes and interaction with the crowd, the dedications to Chester, the emotions. All of it was fantastic. Mike Shinoda has always been my favourite musician. He’s insanely talented. It doesn’t mean much coming from someone who can’t even play an instrument but it doesn’t matter. I love music and I have a massive connection with it, especially live shows. A lot of us do. I could watch that every night over and over again. It’s a show I will never forget.

If you’re a fan and you ever get the chance to see Mike live, please don’t pass up on it. I have uploaded a couple of videos to my INSTAGRAM if you want to check them out.







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