How Jaxon is Settling into School


It’s been a while since I posted about the kids, so today I’m going to πŸ™‚ I’m going to start with JJ and how he’s settling into school. Right now, I’m sat watching them eat their lunch. JJ just got up, walked over to me and kissed my arm. Now I have ketchup on my sleeve. Silly boy. They are so well behaved though. I feel lucky to be blessed with such lovely children who have manners. It’s “Please” and “Thank you” all the time, and they constantly remind me of how much they love me. They make me one very happy Mummy.

They’ve been in school now for about 10 weeks now. JJ’s first day was an extremely emotional one. I was very proud but felt more nervous than I ever have in my life. I had some issues with the class he was originally put in. His original teacher didn’t speak clear English. This would have been difficult and overwhelming for any other child on their first day, but especially JJ has struggled with hearing loss and speech delay for most of his life already. With the amazing help of his Speech Therapist (And our good friend), he was up to speed, but I still wanted him to be in a class that would benefit him more.

I fought tooth and nail to get him into a new class. I made sure that his new teacher understood that sometimes, she may have communication issues with him. Although he had the tubes put in his ears and Adenoid Removal Surgery, he has a hard time hearing people speak to him if there’s any background noise going on. I didn’t want this to affect his learning, so I stressed this issue to his teacher numerous times. There’s nothing medically wrong with Jaxon. He’s a really bright kid, but the hearing loss was an issue for me. I couldn’t sleep at night, worrying that he would be behind in class or he wouldn’t hear the teacher when she was calling his name. I stressed myself out about it so much. Were they going to treat him like he has a problem or ignore him? Was he going to be at the bottom of the class all because of his hearing? My worries were further induced on the first day when he couldn’t hear his car tag number being called out at the end of the day. Against the background noise, he was unable to hear. He wasn’t even trying to listen, because he had no idea what was going on. That bothered me a little when he was late out of school. Dramatic Mum over here thought the worst and that he’d been kidnapped!

On top of all that, he didn’t settle in right away. He came home and cried at the thought of going back to school. A lot of kids do this and it’s totally normal, but I acted as if he was being beaten and tortured. I even wrote an email to his new teacher about it. I’m sure I came across as a psycho parent. I’m sure the whole staff team just can’t stand me. The emails and constantly blowing their phones up to get him switched into a new class. I didn’t care though. I wanted the best for him.

Turns out I didn’t need to worry quite as much as I was doing. JJ likes his new teacher and he now never cries when he has to go to school. It just took him a week to get used to being in a new environment with strangers. He loves school. He’s doing excellent in all subjects, especially MATHS!!! He’s great at it. He comes home every night and does his homework right away. He never complains about it. You can see the love he has for learning. Even today, he was sat with Isabelle who was teaching him to read bigger words and I could see his confidence shining. He’s taking everything in so well. It’s amazing to see. The two reports I’ve had for him already have outstanding marks and he got his first ever Honor Roll certificate. I cried haha. I’ve also noticed that his speech is even more than up to speed with other children his age. The way he speaks now is even better than it was just a few months ago. He pronounces everything so correctly and speaks clearly. Not only that, but he can construct better sentences and boy, can he talk! When he gets home from school, I hear all about his day. I don’t even have to ask. I can’t explain how happy this makes me feel. I am not shocked, because I know he’s a clever kid, but I feel such relief knowing he’s not struggling in any way! Super, super proud of my boy!




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One thought on “How Jaxon is Settling into School

  1. Aww I loved reading this! So happy that he’s settling in & even loving it now. You’re an awesome mom for making sure he gets what’s best for him!! He’s such an adorable little boy. πŸ˜„


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