About Me



Hi there, my name is Laura and I’m thirty years old. Wow, thirty already. I feel like my childhood was only yesterday. Now I have three of my own. Yes, THREE! It’s hectic but I’m in a world full of love, all day every day and it’s the most amazing thing. So having children, you can probably guess that I write about them a lot. I do. I love parenting and I love writing about parenting. My eldest child is Isabelle who is eight years old. Then there’s my middle child, Jaxon who is five!!! My youngest is Abigail and she is 19 months old.


My life completely changed about twelve years ago when I moved to America. You see, I’m not from here. I’m actually from England. A small town in the North West of England called Bolton.

Besides writing about my life as a Mother, I like to write about my other interests too. I’m currently studying to become a Professional Photographer. I do online classes and I really enjoy it. I also love running and am currently on a health kick, trying to lose 20lbs. My main love (besides my children) is horses. I LOVE horses. I have one my own and her name is Cassie. I’ve had her for sixteen years! She is the best horse anyone could ever ask for. Such a sweet natured animal. Quickly before you get bored, I also love music, traveling, movies, cruelty-free food/products and lots and lots of makeup! So all these things you’ll see incorporated into my blog.