About Laura


212341006002997Hello, I’m Laura and thank you for checking out my blog. Here you can learn a little more about me.

I live in Kissimmee, Florida but I’m not from America. I’m from a small town in the north of England, called Bolton. I moved to America 12 years ago now. I live here with my horse, Cassie and my 3 beautiful children. Their names are Isabelle (7), Jaxon (5) and Abigail (9 months).

What do I do? – Well, I am a stay at home mum who works from home. It’s wonderful because I can really focus on the children. I never saw myself as someone who wanted kids but now I have them, they are everything to me. Having my own little humans is the best thing in the world and I FREAKIN’ adore them!


Besides the whole mothering gig, I’m currently studying Professional Photography, online. I aspire to be the best Photographer I can be and make a career out of it. It’s something I’ve always had a passion for and now I get to chase my dreams.

Hobbies & Interests – As I mentioned, I have a horse. I’ve had her for 16 years and I’ve been riding for over 24 years. I love blogging (duhhhh), I love running and I’m also a huge makeup enthusiast. Lavvvv it! When it comes to music, my taste is rather eclectic BUT my main love is rock / metal. I also really love county music too.

Blogging & what you can expect from me – I’ve been blogging for a few years now but only recently started Lifestyle Blogging. I love it because I have the freedom to write about whatever I want. I don’t want to just stick to one topic. Some of my posts are niche blogs and others could be like diary entries. I write about beauty products, family, running, music, other personal interests such as food and veganism and well, anything else I fancy nattering on about.

Thank you for reading.