Izzy’s Page

about me

I am izzy I am a 7 year old girl this is information about me.Β  I hope you like this please let me know if you like this and thank you for seeing my blog about me.

my favorite color is all the colors except gray

my favorite food is vegetable soup with only one chicken inside

my favorite singer is taylor swift

my favorite subject is math science reading and writing

my favorite movie is emoji movie cars 3 despicle me 3 trolls moana and beauty and the beast finally i like brave

i care for my family and my brothers and sisters

i love frendly people and loveable people who do that to others

i like being kind but sometimes i might get mad


well thank you for coming to see my blog and do not forget that i am happy for seeing you come to my blog and like it and do not forget that i am making more of thesse blogs